Hair Screws/Scroos – help me find them!



Since I wrote this post a couple of years ago, I have not only managed to buy some of the original hair scroos on eBay, but they’ve also been re-released, and are available from a company called Goody, which sells via Asda in the UK. I wrote about them here, for anyone who’s interested!


The picture above shows three of the most important items in my beauty box. They’re called “hair screws” – or that’s what it said on the pack, anyway – and I bought them in Boots in about 1999.  No exaggeration. There were originally four of them, but one got lost, and since then I have guarded the three remaining screws with my life, because ever since I bought them, I have never seen them again. Ever.

This is disastrous for me, because these are my saviors on a bad hair day, or on any day when I want to put my hair up, basically. As the name and appearance suggests, all you do is twist your hair up and “screw” them in, and they will hold your hair all day. These three screws are all I need to anchor my long hair for as long as I want – I’ve even worn these to the gym, and they haven’t budged. Add to that the fact that they’re so easy to use even I can put them in unaided, without the need of a mirror, and you can probably see why I love them so much.

You see, I’m not much use with hair. I was never one of those girls who spent hours in front of the mirror trying out new hairstyles. I was too busy trying to tweeze my unibrow and get my see-through eyelashes to look “normal”. So a simple pony tail or chignon is pretty much the limit of my hair-dressing ability, and even the chignon would be impossible without the hair screws. (Yes, I’ve tried just using regular grips and all that happens is that I walk around scattering grips everywhere I go, with my hair falling down.)

So, I love my hair screws. But, of course, they’re starting to look a little the worse for wear now, and there’s always the danger that one day I’ll loose them all, which brings me to my question: where do I buy these? I’ve searched long and hard for them, and can’t seem to find them anywhere. The closest thing I found was some hair twists on eBay, which looked like these but were “open” at both ends – as you can see, mine are “closed” at the top, and I’m not sure if the open versions would work as well. Not that it matters, because I can’t even find them now….

Anyone seen them? Preferably online, because I’m in the UK, so can’t get them from anywhere that doesn’t ship here. Or, if they’re not available, can anyone suggest a foolproof alternative? My sanity – and hair – is depending on you… 


I originally posted this update in the comments of this entry, but for the benefit of anyone who can’t be bothered reading through them all, here it is again:

A few months ago, I managed to find some Hair Scroos on eBay, being sold by a US seller called expo_usa.

Weeks passed and no hair scroos arrived. My emails were ignored. Finally, the postal service forwarded me a fragment of an envelope containing a fragment of the “how to use hair scroos” leaflet that had been inside. This was all that remained of my package as it has been so badly damaged in transit that the contents had been lost.

And no wonder. I’d ordered two packs 4 “scroos”. They’d been sent overseas in the flimsiest envelope imaginable, with a 90 cent stamp on the front. I’d been charged $7 for this “postage and packing” which was clearly totally insufficient to protect the contents.

Again, the seller ignored all of my emails until finally I was forced to file a claim with Paypal to try and get my money back, at which point she told me I should have purchased postal insurance, at $30. Er,no, you should have used some of the $7 I paid for shipping to buy a proper envelope or box!

Anyway, this was just my experience and I really hope those of you who are also using this seller have a better one, but I really, really wouldn’t recommend using expo_USA if you’re just reading this and thinking of looking for these on eBay! I’m posting this update because several people have contacted me recently about this seller, and I wouldn’t want anyone else to lose money to them: if you look at the feedback, the poor packaging and lack of communication seems to be a common theme.

On a happier note, my husband did eventually manage to find me some hair screws, also on eBay, but from another seller, so there is hope!