OK, listen up folks, because I am totally not joking with that title, this is IMPORTANT! You will be questioned as you leave the blog to make sure you were paying attention, so you may want to take notes. I will wait while you go get a pen…

* waits patiently *

Ready? OK, well, at an unspecifed but imminent time over the next few days, this here blawg will be moving from its current blogging platform at Typepad to a new home at WordPress. Basically we’re doing this just because we can. No, actually, we’re doing it because things have been going really well with our Blawg Network lately (did you hear me just tempt fate REALLY LOUDLY there?) and so obviously Terry and I decided that we better hurry up and do something to screw things up. This is that thing.

So! Rubinman was the first blog to move, because Rubinman only has about three readers, and they’re all related to me. That went suspiciously smoothly, so because Forever Amber only has about five readers, it will be next to jump off the cliff edge, so to speak. This means that at some point – and perhaps at many points – over the next few days, you may notice that the site, like, totally disappears, or looks really weird and stuff.

Because the domain will be transfered at the same time as the posts, most of you five probably won’t notice much of a difference while the transfer is going on. We hope. All you’ll have to do is to bookmark www.foreveramber.co.uk and then sit there, frantically hitting the “refresh” button until I come back to you. (I WILL COME BACK TO YOU, MY PEOPLE! I WILL NOT ABANDON YOU! PLEASE DON’T FORGET ABOUT ME!)

There are, however, some of you who I know read the site through its Typepad URL, which is www.foreveramber.typepad.com. Those people will need to STOP DOING THAT. That URL will not be updated and will soon cease to exist. So you two need to get with the programme, change your bookmark to www.foreveramber.co.uk and then begin the frantically-hitting-refresh programme outlined above.

Then there are some of you who read the site via RSS. We don’t think you will be affected, because we will be trying to realign the universe feeds with the new platform, but actually, we have no idea how that will all work, so if you notice the feed hasn’t been updated for a while, either I’ve died or the feed isn’t working. If it’s the former, damn, that sucks. If it’s the latter, you will find a “subscribe by RSS” button somewhere on the new site to resubscribe. Or, you know, just keep hitting “refresh”.

As for those of you who subscribe to the email updates, finally… yeah, good luck with that. Also: see “subscribing via RSS”, above.

So, yes, I think that’s everything. I will post again once the transfer has been completed and my sanity has been restored. If, of course, you never hear from me again, well, clearly something catastrophic has happened and Terry deleted the site by accident. Blame him.

See you on the other side, folks! (I hope.)

  1. Hopefully it will look almost identical 🙂 I will work on design changes in a few months: after the other blogs have been successfully transferred.

  2. Thank goodness! I thought I'd lost you this morning. All I got was some generic "pretty girl" photo and a list of places I could go, but none of them were YOU!! Should have hit refresh a few dozen more times, eh?

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