Is this thing on?

Aaaand we’re back! Did you miss me? And have we got everyone? Show of hands, please, so I can work out whether all of my prechus readers have made the move to WordPress with me, or whether you’ve decided to use this whole thing as an excuse to stop reading and pretend you just “got lost”…

Mad props to Terry, by the way, for doing all of the hard work here while I did the …. no work. I did do a lot of refreshing the page, though, and that totally helps with a move like this. For sure.

Anyway, here I am at my new WordPress home. You will notice the spanky new header and footer images, but the rest of the design is going to remain pretty much unchanged, until Terry has either finished transferring all of our other blogs to WordPress, or got sick of me nagging him, whichever comes first. My money is on the nagging.

And! And! There is a change to the comments fields, in that we now have threaded comments, which means that when you leave me a comment, I can reply to you and my reply will show up underneath your comment.  And then other people can come along and reply to my replies, and it will be a total reply-fest, and we’ll all feel like one big, happy, integrated Internet family. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

Anyway there is still a lot of tweaking to be done, so I’m going to go and do that, instead of telling you all about the mice that have once again set up home in our kitchen, and the half-naked man I saw while out walking the dog on Monday.  Those will have to be other posts for other days…


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