Lalique_perfume I haven’t tried this perfume, so it appears here mostly on the merit of its pretty, pretty bottle. I mean, seriously, lookit the pretty bottle! It makes me want to buy it, and then buy one of those old-fashioned dressing tables so I could scatter it with pretty little perfume bottles in lots of different colours. Or at least it did, until I discovered it costs $800. Eight. Hundred. Dollars. Gulp.

This line is by Lalique, and its inspired by the René Lalique"Epines"collection of 1920, which explains the old-fashioned flacon. It contains  top notes of blackberry leaves, blackcurrant, and raspberry, middle notes of white lily, peony, and wild rose and base notes of musk, sensual wood, and vanilla.

Buy: Lalique Amethyst Crystal Flacon perfume, $800

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