Dollface Reviews: Anatomicals Avoid Getting Zit Faced tropical facial cleanser

Avoidgettingzitfaced I’ve always loved Anatomicals’ quirky branding, and I love the affordable pricing even more, but for some reason I hadn’t actually used the brand until a tube of their Avoid Getting Zit Faced cleanser appeared on my desk earlier this month.

Now, as some of you know, I swear by my usual olive oil cleansing routine, and didn’t think I’d be easily dragged away from it, so I surprised myself by how much I loved this. First of all, the smell is absolutely gorgeous – I’m presuming they’re calling it a "tropical" cleanser because of the scent of pineapple, which is lovely and refreshing.

As for the cleanser itself, it’s light and easy to use. Yes, it did leave my skin feeling a little tighter than it usually does after my olive oil routine, but I was expecting that. It’s really formulated for people who’re prone to spots, which I’m not particularly, so I can’t comment on how good a job it’ll do of keeping spot-prone or oilier skin clear, but for just £2, at least it doesn’t cost too much to find out.

Buy: Anatomicals Avoid Getting Zit Faced, £2

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