Slightly against my better judgement, but because several of you asked to see it:

I decided to keep it in the end, after my mum showed me how to tie the neck properly (I had been doing it totally wrong. Yes, I know. And I’m sure my mum thought her days of dressing me were over, but apparently not…) and assured me that I will need that extra bit of room in it for all of the many layers I tend to wear in winter. This was true, so the tags have been removed, and the coat is officially mine.

Also, Rubin got a haircut:

  1. Ahahaha, Rubin. So cute. And I'm glad you kept the coat, you'll be glad to have one that leaves room for layering, I bet.

    <abbr>Amanda Nicole´s last blog post..showing my (non) colours</abbr>

  2. It's gorgeous! I think I remember it from The Fashion Police. It was featured in the coat corner a while ago, no? The color will go perfectly with your hair! I love it!

    <abbr>Natasha´s last blog post..Current Obsession</abbr>

    1. Haha, well, I don't think I'd be very good at making a video myself, but I bet there are probably loads of them on You Tube – which I should probably have looked at myself, come to think of it!

  3. Oh my god! This is the coat I desperately wanted, but it was sold out… I ended up with a purple one instead. I'm glad I have good taste! 😉 x

    <abbr>Diane´s last blog, yeah</abbr>

    1. Tell me about it – I even emailed them asking when they'd be getting more stock, I was so desperate to get my hands on it. I bet your purple one is great, though – I had a purple winter coat a couple of years ago and loved it 🙂

  4. Oh, I remember this coat from Coat Corner – it's a gorgeous coat, and I bet it looks lovely with your red hair, Amber. It's lovely, and I'm almost tempted to go out and buy myself a new winter coat. I'm *sure* I can justify it somehow…

  5. That is a great coat, you definitely made the right decision.

    I've nominated you for an 'I Love Your Blog' award, see my blog post for details!

    <abbr>Fi´s last blog post..I Love Your Blog Award</abbr>

  6. I love the coat and I'm so glad it's going to work for you. That teal blue is my very favorite color and I bet it looks gorgeous on you. It reminds me of the Nanette Lepore "Kiss Me" coat that I am pining after. *sigh*

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