Fully Booked. Thank God.

The weather forecast for this week says snow. SNOW. And I know I hardly ever mention this here AT ALL, but I really don’t like the cold (did I mention I don’t like the cold?), so with the “snow in October” warning came a feeling that the last straw had been reached, the camel’s back had been broken, the metaphors well and truly mixed. In other words: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Enough.

And so it is that on December 7th, Terry and I will be flying here:

Sunshine! Bring it!

Sunshine! Bring it!

As predicted in this entry (just call me The Predictathon…) we’re going to Tenerife. Yes, I know, it’s not nearly as exciting as Cuba, or Australia, or Dubai, or all of those wonderful-but-expensive-and-very-far-away places we would have liked to have gone, but it’s a five hour flight from Glasgow, is still hot in December and, above all, is cheap.  And really, when your main priority is to lie in the sun for a couple of weeks and remind yourself what it feels like to get dressed in the morning without having to involve every item of warm clothing you own, that sounds pretty good to us.

I’ve only been to Tenerife once, as a surly teenager, and Terry hasn’t been at all, so it should be something new for us. We’ve picked a quiet resort that gets good reviews and has lots of nice restaurants and shops, but isn’t party central (because we are old, obv) and we’re hoping to just, you know, relax.  Which will be great, given that I’ll have to write eleventy-one blog posts before I go so I still get paid.

Right now, it just can’t come soon enough…