The weather forecast for this week says snow. SNOW. And I know I hardly ever mention this here AT ALL, but I really don’t like the cold (did I mention I don’t like the cold?), so with the “snow in October” warning came a feeling that the last straw had been reached, the camel’s back had been broken, the metaphors well and truly mixed. In other words: I HAVE HAD ENOUGH. Enough.

And so it is that on December 7th, Terry and I will be flying here:

Sunshine! Bring it!
Sunshine! Bring it!

As predicted in this entry (just call me The Predictathon…) we’re going to Tenerife. Yes, I know, it’s not nearly as exciting as Cuba, or Australia, or Dubai, or all of those wonderful-but-expensive-and-very-far-away places we would have liked to have gone, but it’s a five hour flight from Glasgow, is still hot in December and, above all, is cheap.  And really, when your main priority is to lie in the sun for a couple of weeks and remind yourself what it feels like to get dressed in the morning without having to involve every item of warm clothing you own, that sounds pretty good to us.

I’ve only been to Tenerife once, as a surly teenager, and Terry hasn’t been at all, so it should be something new for us. We’ve picked a quiet resort that gets good reviews and has lots of nice restaurants and shops, but isn’t party central (because we are old, obv) and we’re hoping to just, you know, relax.  Which will be great, given that I’ll have to write eleventy-one blog posts before I go so I still get paid.

Right now, it just can’t come soon enough…

  1. Hey Amber

    So jealous you are heading off to Tenerife. I have been there 4 or 5 times now and wish I was going back. I hope you guys have a good time, remember to pack your sun cream – my aunt got sun burnt there last Christmas.


    1. Ah, but I'll be jealous of you come New Year 🙂 I wish we could just go for the entire winter, to be honest, I'm sick to death of the cold already!

    1. Ooh, recommendations would be great – it's a long time since I was there, so I'm guessing a lot will have changed. We've hired a car, so will be able to get around no problem…

      Glad part one of your flying experience is over – hope you're having a great time, and getting some use out of that gorgeous dress 🙂

    1. Yes, it should be good, and the Canary Islands are on the same time zone as the UK too, which makes it even easier in terms of jet-lag etc. Can't wait 🙂

  2. So, *so* envious… We don't go on holiday in my family so I'm thinking of making my dad sign a contract – one explicitly stating that when it is cold and windy, I cannot possibly be expected to leave the house and am therefore permitted to spend all day wrapped up in blankets and eating chocolate. Sounds fair, no? 🙂

  3. Hi Amber, Just wanted to drop by and say I have a new-found appreciation for just how cold Scotland is. See, when I lived there I lived in Stirling, which I'm rapidly realising is in a different dimension to the rest of the Scottish world. My trip to Glasgow involved horizontal sheets of sleet and gale-force winds – much like I used to meet whenever I left Stirling to go to work in Jenners or Ocean Terminal Debenhams…

    Suddenly, I really feel for you!

    And I really want a sunny holiday!

    <abbr>Caroline´s last blog post..Back! I’m back!</abbr>

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