Review: Herbal Essences Rain Forest Flowers Seriously Smooth Conditioner

Herbal_essences This is a review I never thought I’d write, because I have to confess, the Clairol Herbal Essences advert, and the way it interrupts my viewing of Desperate Housewives multiple times during every episode, made me promise myself I would never, ever buy this brand. Yes, petty I know, but what can I say: I really hate the ad breaks…

Then Mr Dollface bought a bottle of this with our weekly grocery shop and I thought, "to hell with my principles, let’s try it out!"

And I liked it. Yes, much to my surprise, I found this conditioner, which is formulated for dry or damaged hair, to be quite the success. I have the Chinese Cinnamon and Ginger Oil variety, and while I can’t say it smells like either of those things, it does have a sweet, pleasant smell which makes it nice to use. It also made a noticeable difference to my hair, which was, indeed, a little on the dry side, making it feel softer, silkier and more manageable, even after one use.

Looks like I have to eat my words where Herbal Essences is concerned. I still hate the advert, though.

Buy: Herbal Essences Rain Forest Flowers Seriously Smooth Conditioner, £2.98

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