Lancomecrmedenacre Now here’s something I’m going to have to try…

This picture may look like two pots of sparkly eyeshadow with a … well, a weird rubber thing lying in front of them… but nope, each pot is a nail polish. With a weird rubber thing lying in front of them, natch.

The "rubber thing" is what you use to apply this, though. It’s Lancome’s Crème de Nacre, and it’s  a creamy nail colour which is apparently very easy to use, allowing you to paint each nail with a single stroke.

The polish itself contains mother of pearl pigments, and comes as a duo, in silver and gold.

Anyone tried this yet? And if so, what did you think of it?

  1. I tried it and it is (sorry to say this) pretty hopeless. The rubber thing is useless since it cannot give an even result. I guess you could use another brush to apply the silver/gold coats but then you might want to buy another product begin with…

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