When I mentioned Ralph Lauren’s new ‘Notorious’ fragrance last month I hadn’t had the opportunity to actually try it out. Well, this week I did, and it’s every bit as lovely as the sumptuous marketing campaign suggests.

Going by the name, packaging and the old-style glamour of the adverts, I was expecting something very heavy and musky, perhaps along the same lines as Poison or Obsession –  very "femme fatale" and a little bit dark, if that makes sense.

Uh-uh. Notorious is actually on the sweet side, which isn’t surprising when you read the product description: notes of blackcurrant, chocolate cosmos, patchouli and musk make up this scent, and account for the lingering sweetness. Unlike some sweet scents, however, this is anything but sickly and not at all cloying: I can’t detect the chocolate or vanilla notes at all, and so there’s nothing foody about it.

This is a scent that lingers for a long time: I applied it in the morning and could still smell it in the late afternoon. More importantly, it still smelt the same by late afternoon, which is a Very Good Thing.

The short film advertising this is shown above – let me know what you think!

  1. I dunno about wanting to buy the perfume, but I’d LOVE the dresses in this commercial! And the hair! And makeup! I want to play dress-up right now.

  2. I’ve always been a fan of RL Romance, it’s a really light, pretty perfume so I thought I’d love Notorious – I tested it out in Boots and i’m sorry to say I’m not a fan 🙁 It looks the business but it was too sweet for me.

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