Review: Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straighteners


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but thanks to a bad haircut or three (or, OK, four…) this year, my hair straighteners are my BFFs right now. This has left me between a rock and hard place, though, because as we all know, constant straightening may help you tame your hair, but it doesn’t exactly do it any favours when in comes to the condition of it. The result? My style looks fine, but the hair itself is a little the worse for wear, which is why, when Remington offered to let me try out their Shine Therapy straighteners, I almost bit their hands off…

The idea here is simple yet brilliant: these are ceramic straighteners, but the ceramic plates are porous, and have been infused with vitamin E and other conditioning agents, which means that they’ll leave your hair looking sleek and shiny, rather than straight but dull.

So, whats it like to use?

Well, the first thing you notice with these straighteners is the colour, which is a cool, retro blue. This has absolutely no effect whatsoever on how well the straighteners work, of course, but it does make me happy. Also: it matches the colour of my dressing gown. Win!

The next thing you’ll notice is the digital display which allows you to see what temperate the plates are at – a good idea, especially if you’re used to just turning the heat up to "max" and then using your straightener. Sometimes a lower heat can be just as effective, and will be better for your hair – there are ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ buttons to one side of the display, however, which will allow you to add more or less heat as required.

Finally, the irons are a nice and light, and come with a protective pouch to keep them in. All good, but do they work?

Well, so far, yes, they do. I’ve been using them for the past couple of days, and have been really impressed with the appearance of my hair. I generally use flat irons, not just to make my hair straighter, but to give it a little flick under at the ends, and because my hair is very fine, that normally falls out almost instantly. The style stuck around for much longer with these, and my hair did look shiny and sleek, as the literature promised.

Overall, a good idea for those of us who regularly use heat to style our hair, and one that seems to work. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can pick up a pair at Amazon or from anywhere else that sells hair styling equipment! For more information, check out the Shine Therapy blog.