Excuse the slap-dash application in this photo: I hadn’t actually intended to paint my nails today, but the bottle was sitting on my desk, my computer crashed and while I was waiting for it to re-start, I found myself slapping on some polish. I didn’t take much time over it because I assumed I’d probably just be taking it right back off again, but I actually liked it enough to let it stay put, which meant I then had to go and remove the different-shade-of-red-polish that was already on my toes, and replace it with this instead, before the thought of the two different shades of red brought me out in hives.

(I would ask if anyone else has this compulsion to make sure the same colours are used on fingernails and toes, but I’m guessing the answer to that would probably be "No, Dollface, you’re a freak," so moving on…)

This is Boots No. 7’s Long Lasting Nail Polish in ‘Rose Truffle’, and I really like it.  When I wear red nail polish, I tend to go for brighter, more "pillar box" shades of red, but this is more of a plum red, which is nice for a bit of a change, and somehow particularly nice for winter.

I generally stick to clear polish on my fingernails (yes, I can tolerate that at the same time as red on my toes…), because I find it very high maintenance, especially given that I spend the entire day typing. I hate the look of chipped nail polish, but this one promises to ‘Stay Perfect’, so I’m giving it a shot. Will it live up to it’s name? I guess I’m about to find out!

Buy: Boots No. 7 Stay Perfect Nail Polish, £6.25


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  1. I can’t bear to have two different shades on at once either, so it’s not just you!
    I will definitely check this one out, because I’m always on the search for the perfect red polish. I think I’ve come slightly closer with my current one, which is Maybelline Forever Strong in Deep Red, but I’m still on the hunt!

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