A quick note to the people in our town who are still setting off fireworks every single night, even although Guy Fawkes Night was four days ago: please, just get over it. My dog is losing his tiny mind here. I am losing my tiny mind here. Enough, already. Please.

And, you know, I get that people like fireworks. I do, really. Hell, I even like fireworks myself. The thing about fireworks, though, is that unless you’re at EPCOT, or at the Magic Kingdom (Seriously,  when the single “star” goes shooting over the top of the Cinderella castle? I could weep.), fireworks tend to get old pretty quickly for me.  Especially when they’re not even particularly interesting fireworks, but are just those monotonous old bangers that make a lot of noise without actually doing very much else. You could watch that happen maybe once or twice, and it might be kinda cool, but when it’s been happening every. single. night. for two weeks, you get to wondering whether all those loud noises done blew these people’s brains out, ya know?

Actually, to be fair, this year has been a little better than previous years, in that it’s only been going on for a couple of weeks, as opposed to the entire months of October, November and December. The problem is, though,  that people around here find bangers so very exciting and compelling that they’ll be out every night until the end of the year now, grunting and going, “BIG NOISE! WE MAKES IT! BANG!”, Rubin will be all, “Hysterical! Hysterical! Any excuse to bark my fool head off!” and I’ll be all, “whiney, whine-whine, moan, moan, moan.” Until January.

And the irony is, after the first couple of big bangs, Rubin gets used to it and shuts the hell up. I never do, though…

    1. yeah, it's the pets that really suffer at this time of year. (Them and little kids who are trying to get to sleep with all these loud bangs going on around them). We at least know what the noise in, but a couple of years back the papers round here were full of stories about people whose dogs were on Prozac because they were so traumatised by the constant explosions. It's gotten better since then, but it still goes on for waaaaay longer than necessary, I think.

  1. I hate fireworks too! My old neighbors would set them off for every occasion. Somebody’s birthday? BOOM! It’s Friday night? BOOM! Around 4th of July was the worst, they’d be shooting them off during the DAY!!, and keep going until about 3 a.m. We had firework stubs in our pool and on our roof. Our ROOF! You know how scary that is?!

    Ok, my rant’s over. We moved away from those people, and now the city where I live, it’s illegal to shoot off fireworks, so I’m happy.

    1. Yup, sounds a lot like here! I don't mind when it's the right time for it (Guy Fawkes, New Year etc), but it's now just every single night, and you know they're setting them off for no reason whatsoever. Gets very old, very quick.

  2. I love fireworks. I love them more than most people love their children. But I only love them on the 5th (or at a push, I will accept them on the 4th or 6th). Because it just gets very annoying otherwise. There were still some going off in my village very late this evening. The worse thing is that I can hear them, but I don’t get any of the joy of seeing them 🙁
    Plus, we live in a really really tiny village, largely populated by the elderly. Who is setting off all these rockets?

    1. I like them at organised displays, where you get to see really cool fireworks, and they look fantastic. Bangers just don't do it for me, though, especiallhy after the eleventy-first time!

  3. Are fireworks legal there? I’m about to move from a state where fireworks are illegal to one where they are legal. Oh joy.
    I wonder why someone would want to light them off every day! Seems like the excitement would wear off, like Christmas everyday. Right?
    Poor Rubin.

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    1. Yes, they're legal, but I think there are some restrictions, i.e. you're not supposed to set them off in the middle of the night, etc, etc. And I know, it's the fact that people can apparently watch the same firework go off hundreds of times in a row and not get bored of it that amazes me. I do have a very low boredom threshold, mind you…

  4. Oh I know the feeling! Madrid is just as bad, I've seen a few around already, and it's only going to get worse until mid to late January until all the kids are firmly back at school.

    Before christmas you see people buy carloads of the things, and then give them to their CHILDREN to play with, in the middle of urban streets! Of course just loud bangs get boring after a while, even for the kids lighting them, so they try to be inventive; throwing them lit into buses as they pull over at a stop, standing over highway overpasses and throwing them down at the cars passing below, or throwing them at the feet passers-by on the footpaths to watch them do the 'firecracker dance', the list goes on.

    Yeah, I really don't enjoy christmas in this city…

    P.S. I love 'real' fireworks btw, the ones done by professionals that actually give you something to look at.

    1. Eeek, that's horrendous! We tend to start hearing reports of this kind of thing too around about now. A seasonal favourite seems to be the "fireworks tied to a cat's tail" which just leaves me speechless. I'd jail people for life for that kind of thing.

      But yes, "proper" displays are amazing – it's the "back garden banger" that gets on my last nerve!

  5. My dogs hated fireworks too. I love professional displays, but the garden ones lost their appeal by my teenage years.

    I did find a solution to my annoyance over loud neighbours, fireworks, partner snoring and other night noises: I went moderately/severely deaf in both ears! Works a treat. I can’t even hear alarm clocks when I’m asleep.

    Granted it has taken me about a year to find the bright side to deafness, but it is there.

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  6. Hey

    Got to agree with you about the idiots in the ghetto here. My dog, Toby is completely petrified of fireworks. We have to put the music on the computer up at maximum level and he sits there until they have all finished. There is no chance of getting him out of the house for a walk during this time so you have to feed him early so he goes out early as to not mess in the house. Nightmare.

    On an unrelated topic – what did you think of the cheesecake?


    1. Aww, poor Toby 🙁 We're lucky in that Rubin will freak out at the first couple of loud bangs of each evening, but after that he'll calm down and just ignore it. Must be a nightmare for the poor animals that get really upset by it.

      And the cheesecake was fantastic, thank you!- you should totally go into business making those 🙂

  7. Yup yup yup – in my parents' village they go on from early October til basically New Year, and Harry (the dog) HATES them. He shivers and shakes and tries to hide under things he's too big to hide under!

    It is kinda cute, in a rather cruel way…

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