OK, so it’s not actually “obligatory”, and I seriously doubt there’s anyone out there who hasn’t decided who they’ll be voting for, but just in case there is, I thought I’d put this out there again:




Seems pretty clear-cut, no?

(And yes, I do know Sarah Palin isn’t running for president. But that doesn’t stop her scaring the bejesus outta me…)

  1. My 8 year old said just now, "Mom, you're not going to vote for that lady who hates animals and the earth!"

    Out of the mouths of babes.

  2. Ha, does Rubin have a penpal? I hope Obama get in – if not, we'll have to seriously consider putting America on the naughty step..

  3. BARACK OBAMA IS THE 44th PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!!! 🙂 Im Canadian and I could not be happier!

  4. Oh yay…FOCA will be pushed through and the now USA will be sterilizing third world women all over the place!!!
    Gotta love that anti-christ…he is SO cute!