The Friday Five: Feelings

This week has been full of fail, hence the “no blogging” here at Forever Amber. Sorry. Anyway, the Friday Five! Is back! And is actually quite appropriate this week, so here it is. Feel free to answer the questions too, either in your own blog or in the comments. Peace out.

1. What made you happy this week?

The fact that I now have less than three weeks until my holiday, which, by the way, cannot come soon enough. Also the fact that I managed to go to the gym three times, after a two week absence which had absolutely nothing to do with the body pump instructor telling me I had “wee short legs” the last time I was there. Because, hello! I totally do NOT have “wee short legs”! Well, OK, I DO, because I, myself, am short. But my legs are actually NOT particularly short in proportion to my body. This is why I am able to buy tops from the “petite” sections in stores, but not bottoms, because they are always too short. On my not-even-remotely-wee-or-short-legs.*

2. What made you sad?

The weather. It made me S.A.D. And it also rendered me totally unable to get out of bed in the morning, to the extent that I can no longer get up in time for my regular gym classes, and have to actually go – gasp! – into the actual gym instead. And I HATE the Actual Gym. Gah.

3. What made you angry?

Oh God, do not even get me started. What made me angry was being libelled on the internet by a paranoid delusional, who wrote an entire post on his blog calling me and my fellow writers a lot of extremely unpleasant names, and accusing us of being dastardly, James Bond-style internet villains. And then a lot of people commented, agreeing with him and advocating violence against us “bitches”. That made me a bit angry, yes.

(No, I am not linking to the post. It wasn’t about any of my blogs, it was about a client’s blog, and they are dealing with it. I was mentioned by name, though, which made it all feel a little bit personal. And I’m not very good at being-attacked-and-not-hitting-back.)

4. What are you looking forward to in the next week?

The fact that I will have only two weeks to go until my holiday. TWO WEEKS. Until my HOLIDAY. Did I mention that I was going on holiday? Did I? Because I am going on holiday. In just over two weeks. And then I will have SUNSHINE and I will have LOTS OF FOOD and I will have absolutely NO internet drama to deal with. Bliss.

5. What are you not looking forward to?

The fact that I still have a month’s worth of advance posts to write before my holiday. And Christmas presents to wrap. And a haircut to arrange. And STUFF to buy. I need to go shopping. I need to go to the post office. I need to basically do all of December’s work and chores in the next two weeks, and OMG how will I do it? I’m going to be needing some strong, strong coffee, that’s for sure…

* Note: not that there is anything wrong with having wee, short legs, of course.