Now, I know Halloween was on Friday, but all the cool kids arrive fashionably late, and so it was that Terry and I found ourselves out celebrating the event last night instead. As usual, I kept it low key and casual:

(Note: Holly Golightly, in case you were wondering. The “costume” for girls who just really, really like to get glammed up, but never get the chance.  And who was secretly convinced that her friends had been lying to her and that it wasn’t actually a costume party at all, so that she would be forced to walk around all night dressed like Sponge Bob or something while they were all in jeans. This fear was laid to rest when we went to pick up our friends Ewen and Gillian en route to the party, and the Tin Man answered their door…)

Terry, meanwhile, was the usual embarrassment:

Yes, he went there. Oh yes he did.

There’s more! But they are under the jump, so if you don’t want to see them you don’t have to…

Yes, I enjoyed brandishing the fake cigarette holder (made by Terry, with a very realistic looking fake cigarette) much more than I really should have. Great fashion accessory if you’re a bit of a drama queen (who, me?). Think will start carrying it around with me all the time. ( Just say no, though, kids! Smoking kills!)

Also enjoyed up-do more than was really necessary. Think will also affect for future use.

Terry’s mugshot.

So a good time was had by all. And there are even more photos on my Facebook – or there will be once I’ve actually uploaded them…

  1. Damn, you looked great (no surprise there). Amongst the many oddities of Terry's presentation, the flower was the best lasting touch.

  2. You look terrific, Amber! And Terry looks.. well, it's an uncanny impression 🙂 I'm hugely envious, no-one in my area bothers with Hallowe'en, and I'm desperate for a chance to dress up. I was tempted to just dress up anyway, and then sit at home eating sweets… maybe next year!

  3. What a great idea to dress up "fancy" for Halloween! It one of my complaints about being an adult- no dress up parties! (Of course my husband believes that is a benefit!)

  4. Hey Amber

    Great photos of you and Terry. You look fantastic as usual, but Terry took it to another level – what a great idea!

    Hope to see you guys soon


  5. I love, love, love your hair and I love, love, love your outfit. Terry's is…interesting. He actually makes a good amy winehouse though. 😀 .Love it!

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