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Auld lang syne

I know I've said this before,  but because I've never shied away from the thought of repeating myself to the point of tedium, let the record show that I? Really don't like New Year's Eve. Basically, the Read more [...]

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Gone, going

Well, folks, I have crammed the final pair of shoes into my suitcase, hidden two more pairs in Terry's hand-luggage, and it looks like we're ready to go. Our flight leaves early tomorrow and we'll have Read more [...]

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On Vacation…

OK, folks, I know I've been a very bad Dollface recently, and posts have been a little thin on the ground... As I mentioned last week, I've been preparing for a vacation, then I got sick, and, well, Read more [...]

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Excess Baggage

Houston, we have a problem. Other than the "It's the first week in December and I already spent my entire salary on shoes and clothes" problem, I mean.  A DIFFERENT problem. So, we're flying out Read more [...]

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