Auld lang syne

I know I’ve said this before,  but because I’ve never shied away from the thought of repeating myself to the point of tedium, let the record show that I? Really don’t like New Year’s Eve. Basically, the passing of time freaks me out to the max, and so anything that serves to emphasise that passing (birthdays, New Year’s eve, any film with a montage scene…) is just one big ol’ depression fest as far as I’m concerned. God, you wish you were partying with ME tonight, don’t you?

Now, once again, I was going to do a kind of “year in retrospect” entry today, maybe with photos to represent each month and stuff, but then I realised that:

a) I can’t be bothered

b) Everyone is probably out partying, anyway


c) It’s not like I’m a small country or something, with a history that merits repeating at the end of the year, in a “Sky News Review of the Year” kinda way, so maybe I’ll just give that one a miss, hey?

Anyway. Normally I don’t bother making any resolutions at this time of year, because I don’t like setting myself up for certain failure (this is a very “glass half full” kind of entry, isn’t it?), so other than the usual “Buy more shoes”, which I always resolve, just so that I can feel like I’ve achieved something, I normally give the resolutions a miss, too.

But. This year I’m going to make one. And I’m going to try to keep it, because, let’s face it, it’s not like I’m getting any younger here, so my New Year’s Resolutions are:

1) Write a novel.

2) Buy a lot of shoes.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I will probably manage to achieve at least 50% of my resolutions. Actually, let’s be honest, I have already ordered a pair of shoes, which will arrive in the first couple of days of 2009, so woo hoo, go me!

Anyway, we’re off out tonight so that we can group around the TV to watch the lonesome piper play his melancholy lament from someone else’s house (It’s the Scottish way) so it only remains for me to wish you a good new year when it comes to you, and to hope that 2009 is everything you wish it to be.  Now I’m going to go and get drunk.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

(note: not actually a picture of me celebrating New Year. The budget doesn’t run to that. Just pretend.)

p.s. – The more observant/bored of you may notice that the blog design is currently borked. I know. Terry is working on it. Fun!