Dear Santa, please bring me a monkey, kthxbai

Hey, guess what I appear to have got as an early Christmas “present”? Did you guess “another freaking cold?” Congratulations, you win the house cup! Now please shoot me…

Yep, just in case the flu I had the week before my holiday and the flu I had DURING my holiday wasn’t enough, I’ve had a mild-ish head cold since we got back. (I say mild-ish, of course, because I am a drama queen, and ALL my colds are terrible, life-threatening affairs.) Clearly, then, these repeated illnesses mean there is something very wrong with me, and I am probably going to die. Merry Christmas, everyone! Ho ho ho!

Anyway, I’m guessing no one is actually reading this, because you’ll all be off enjoying the holiday, so I thought long and hard about what to give you all as a Christmas present from me to you, and eventually I realised that the best! gift! ever! was staring me in the face: a blurry mobile phone picture of  Terry with a monkey on his head! You are welcome.


And one of me (I’m the one in the stripey sweater…):


Also, speaking of stripey sweaters, I’d just like to say that the only reason I wore that one was because I thought it would, like, totally match the monkeys:


You have to think about these things, you know? And OK, it was a little bit embarrassing to have turned up wearing the same outfit as a monkey (I mean, GOD, social death!) but hey, I like to think THAT’S why they liked me so much. Not because they just recognised me as one of their own.

Anyway, clearly I have about a million photos that are exactly like these three, and equally clearly, I am going to show you every single one of them soon, and there’s no point pretending otherwise, but for now, to the main point of this post, which was to wish you all a merry Christmas – I hope you all have a great holiday, and that Santa Claus brings you all the monkeys gifts your heart desires! We’re now off to the parental home for a couple of days so you’re safe from monkey pictures from the time being – HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

P.S. – If you really can’t wait for me to get round to posting the photos of the holiday, the Flickr set can be found here, in all its glory….