Well, folks, I have crammed the final pair of shoes into my suitcase, hidden two more pairs in Terry’s hand-luggage, and it looks like we’re ready to go.

Our flight leaves early tomorrow and we’ll have to get up at about 5am to catch it.  That’s a time I generally prefer to avoid seeing at all costs, so needless to say, I’m heading to bed early tonight…

For this trip we have made the difficult decision not to take the laptop, because:

a) The place we’re staying is very basic, so there’s no WiFi and we’ll probably be too lazy to find somewhere we can get online

b) Very basic as in, “there’s a good chance the computer will be STOLEN if we leave it in the apartment”.

(It’s also apparently haunted,  if the reviews I was reading online last night are to be believed.  Which they’re probably not, obviously, but let’s just say that if we’re allocated room 2099, I’ll be asking to move. Far.)

Now, I know this “no laptop” news will hardly have broken any of your hearts, but just in case it has, worry not! For I have discovered how to send photos to Twitter from my phone! And I’m totally going to do it. So, if you ever find yourself  thinking, “God, I wonder what Amber is doing RIGHT NOW, and also, what shoes she is wearing?” at some point in the next two weeks, you can just head over here and see for yourself.  And you thought I couldn’t GET any more annoying with my holiday photos, eh?

Anyway, that’s it from me for now, and assuming that we actually go to Tenerife tomorrow, and not to our fiery deaths, which is what I fully expect (Fear of Flying: so much fun!), I’ll be lying in the sun for the next two weeks and having a much needed rest. I leave you with this e-card, and lots of love:



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