Now, as regular readers know, I love my tweezers. Maybe a little bit too much sometimes. And I love all kinds of tweezers, too. I love slant tweezers and I love point tweezers, which is why this Tweezer Duo by Miss Groovy seemed like a particularly good idea to me.

One end is slanted, one end is pointed, meaning that you’re basically getting two tweezers for the price of one, and given that the price in question is only £4.95, well, it’s a bit of a bargain, no? The tweezers work really well, too -just the right level of "springiness" and the very easy and accurate to use. I like.

Miss Groovy are currently offering a free RockHard LethalLips Peppermint Pink Lip stain to anyone who spends over £20 with them from now until Christmas too, so now’s a good time to buy them. (And if you need to add something else to your cart to get the price up to £20, I recommend their Lip Poison lip plumper, which is seriously the only lip plumper that has ever worked for me…)

Buy: Tweezer Duo, £4.95


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