Dear Charity Collectors,

I already give to charity every month. I give to charities I have chosen, and I do it by direct debit. As much as I’d love to give more money, to more charities, if I gave to everyone who came knocking on my door begging for money, I’d end up in need of charity myself, pretty damn soon. Also, I don’t keep money in the house anyway.

This is why I really dislike it when you come to my home to ask for money. It’s nothing personal, and I understand why you do it, but I don’t like people intruding into my time uninvited, no matter how good they feel their cause may be.  I will decide who I give my money to. I will decide when and how I give it, and I don’t really enjoy feeling like I have to justify myself to random strangers who come knocking on my door.

I don’t like it, but of course I put up with it, as long as the charity collectors in question aren’t pushy about it and  as long as they clear off when I ask them to.

When you do knock on my door, though, and I send you away empty handed (or when Terry does it, as the case may be), I expect you to STAY AWAY. I do not expect you to turn up again an hour later and repeat your request for money. And I certainly don’t expect you to say, “Oh, are you still watching TV?” when you’re told once again that your presence on the doorstep is not welcome.

Oh, and when the TV show I’m watching is something important, like, say, the inauguration of the new leader of the free world, I REALLY don’t appreciate your presence on my doorstep for the second time in one day.

This is why if you show up at my door one more time, I will be contacting the charity you represent and making a complaint.  And my dog will bite your bum. Just FYI.


The Girl Who Will Never Give You Any Money Now

  1. Oh, this is spooky! My mum was just ranting about Amnesty International collectors in town almost assaulting her with their jump-in-front-of-you enthusiasm. It must be overly aggressive charity collecting day or something. Thankfully, we never get them coming to the house! x

    Diane´s last blog post..the parp response

      1. Yes, it can be. It’s got to the point where I just shout NO! any time I see one. “Do you care about the starving children, madam?” NO! That kind of thing. Leaves them speechless for at least half a second. 😉

        Diane´s last blog post..the parp response

  2. hey

    know what you mean, we had them round yesterday and it was a nightmare. They even comented on me getting into my car about an hour after they had been sent away from the door for the second time. The comment was something like the amount of money I run a car on could feed a family for a month. Probably true but I choose to run a car and donate to charity – just not theirs.

    How life anyway?

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    1. Oh. My. God. That’s unbelieveable, I would’ve been furious! How dare they question what people choose to spend their money on! I actually think coming to the door more than once borders on harrasment – and I bet it was the same people that came to us today!

      Life’s good, but still struggling to get back into things after the break. I think I need another holiday!

  3. Totally true, my Dad used to put up the direct debit confirmation on the front door (obviously with the bank details blacked out, but it still shows name and address) for the three charities he gave to every month. We never did get many calls!

    The worst is when you get doorstopped / called by a charity you *already give money to*. Cos then they switch to "would you like to increase your donation?". To which my response is… no, I wouldn't, and now I'm wondering if I should give anything at all!

    Charities do a lot of good, but it has to be voluntary. Setting Rubin on them seems like a good plan 🙂

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  4. Considering they work for charities, I find the collectors awfully rude. Another bonus of working from home is not having to sidestep them as they jump in your way and ask for your debit card details which obviously I'm going to give to a stranger in the street wearing just beause they've got a little picture ID card.

    At uni they had an open afternoon thing for charity collectors and they get paid a percentage of however much they manage to get people to sign up for. So much for their goodness of their dark and dingy hearts.

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  5. That is really unbelievable! Twice in one day?! I don’t get them at my door because I live in an apartment, but I do get harassed by lots of charities over the phone. It’s like they’re challenging me on how many ways I can say no! I may not have money to give, but I regularly donate blood, I’m on the list for donating everything else I can that won’t kill me, and I donate every material thing instead of throwing it away. So they literally get the blood from my veins and clothes off my back. And those Amnesty accosters on the street? Tres invasive.

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  6. Charity collectors are really annoying. I was once late for my first day at a new job because one accosted me at a bus stop, then followed me on the bus, then stopped me from getting off at my stop. Bastard.

    1. I know! If the same people come back again I totally will complain. I'm all for supporting charity, but when they decide to resort to harrasment they ain't getting a penny from me – I don't think I can really trust an organisation that thinks it's OK to do that.

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