Eyeshadow kits are something I don't often buy, because I tend to find that most of them come stocked with loads of colours that I'll just never wear.

Barry M's Deluxe Eyeshadow Kit is different, though, becuse for £9.95 you get a selection of colours I'd consider "staples" – black and white, of course (essential for that smoky eye look I'm quickly becoming obsessed with), four different browny/gold shades which will work with most complexions, plus a selection of green, purple and navy, none of which are too outrageous to be worn easily, and I say this as someone who doesn't wear a lot of eyeshadow, so trust me, these really are colours I'd use!

Once on, the pigments aren't too deep, so you can either go for a subtle wash of colour or layer the powder on for a more dramatic look. I found this handy because it's not too expensive, and has allowed me to experiment with some looks I wouldn't otherwise have tried. Take a look under the jump to see the green and gold colours on…

I put these on quickly to show you the colours, so excuse the application. This is the paler brown colour, on the bottom left of the palette:


And the brighter green, accessorized with bloodshot eyes:


  Buy: Barry M Deluxe Eyeshadow Kit, £9.95

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  1. I love the pale brown colour & the green suits your eyes.
    I don’t think any of those colours would suit me though, & there’s something about palettes I just don’t like..

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