Wow. Well, I think these have to be some of the most original compacts I’ve seen in a while! They’re all limited edition and hold solid versions of some of Estee Lauder’s most popular scents. The prices, as you would expect, are head-spinning, but I guess you are getting something very unusual for your hard earned cash!

The image above shows the "Bulldog" compact, which contains "Pleasures" in solid-perfume form, and costs $325. Two more under the jump… 


White Linen Sand Pail, $250


‘Beautiful’ lobster compact, $250

I have a phobia of crustaceans so severe that the ‘Beautiful’ compact totally freaks me out, and I don’t think I’d pay this much for any of these, but if you feel like splashing out, they’re all available at Neiman Marcus!

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