Good Housekeeping. (Er, not so much…)

A few quick housekeeping notes, regarding The Blawg, The House and, well, ME, basically.

1. The Blawg:

For a few days around Christmas/New Year/Whenever, WordPress decided that rather than just publish all of the lovely comments people leave here, it would, instead, select random comments to hold in a “pending” queue, which I would then have to publish manually. I have no idea why it did this, and it didn’t bother to tell me it was doing it, so if you happened to publish a comment here back in December and it didn’t appear, don’t worry, you haven’t been blacklisted or anything (Well, unless yours was one of the many comments inviting me to view porn or enlarge my penis, in which case you can sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here…), and your comment has now been published. Sorry about that.

2. The House

For Christmas, Terry was given money, which he used to replace one of the broken monitors on his computer. Then he decided to just replace the other one, too. (For yes, Terry is spechul enough to need two monitors. For, you know, his TWO HEADS.) Then he apparently lost his mind and thought, “Screw it! If two monitors are good, why THREE MONITORS must be even better!” So he bought another one.  This is what his desk now looks like:


Teh master OMG!!!1!

Teh master OMG!!!1!

(note: he DID change the wallpaper, by the way. He is no longer The Master.)

Here, meanwhile, is my desk:


1. SAD lamp
2. Salad forks
3. Yeah, ya got me – all I actually do is look at my own blog all day…
4. Magazines, on top of THE PRINTER, which lives on my desk on account of Terry’s being covered in monitors
5. Small pile o’makeup for me to review. (Note to self: maybe get round to doing that sometime..)
6. The replacement for the water bottle Rubin killed. Not that I was going to the gym that day, of course…
7. Big pile o’ ear plugs.
8. The mug is still going strong, Erik!

And you know what’s annoying? My desk NEVER looks that untidy. I am a neat freak. I cannot breathe when I’m surrounded by STUFF like that, and I did clean it right after I took that picture, I promise…

Also, and on a not totally unrelated note: has anyone seen the charger for my cellphone? Because I sure as hell haven’t, and Terry and I have turned the house upside down looking for it. WHERE DID IT GO? I had to order a new one, such was my dire need of it, but that hasn’t been much use to me either, because I left the phone itself at my parents’ house on Sunday. Hope you worked out how to switch off all of the annoying recurring alarms, mum and dad!

3. ME

Remember the RED WEALS? That dry, scaly red skin that appears underneath my eyes during times of stress, and also apparently NOT during times of stress? The ones that no makeup will cover, and which make me look like I’ve been punched in the face, twice? Yeah, they’re back. I have no idea why. Not using any new products, not feeling stressed, not been doing anything that could reasonably have made this happen, so I can only assume my body just decided now would be a good time to make me look like hell. Thanks, body! Hate you too!

So, how are you?