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"Living on the west coast, I’m lucky that I’m not regularly subjected to harsh or arid conditions. That doesn’t stop my skin from getting seriously dry though. In fact, I often have to moisturize twice a day and really slather it on at night so that I don’t wake up with a tight, dry face in the morning. You could say I’ve become a sort of connoisseur of moisturizers and moisturizing products, and it was on a search for a new anti-aging product for the lines appearing around my eyes that led me to pick up a bottle of Jamieson 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil.

Its unassuming, almost clinical packaging was refreshing, and the clear serum boasted no fragrances, colours or other drying additives commonly found in moisturizers. While it was in the facial moisturizers section of the drugstore, the packaging says that it’s ideal not only for wrinkles but also scars, stretch marks, chapped skin and for use after hair removal. I think it was these other factors that made me purchase the oil, because don’t they make it sound super industrial?

At night after cleansing and moisturizing, I use the little spatula provided to dab the serum onto the lines around my eyes. I pat it in with my fingertips, then smear a little onto the lines on my forehead. Then I go all out. I swipe it onto my lips for ultra softening, rub it into my cuticles and lightly brush my eyelashes for that conditioning the magazines are always telling us about. Sure I emerge from the bathroom looking all shined and polished. But by the time it’s absorbed in the morning, those usually tight spots are still dewy. And after the using the stuff for a month, I can say there has been a visible difference in my fine lines. I even rub a small amount in my palms and then run my hands through my hair, which also gets very dry, to eliminate fly-aways and add some shine. During tough times like these, it’s nice to find a product with so many uses!

[Amanda Ryan]

More Info: Jamieson 100% Pure Vitamin E Oil

  1. I too use vitamine e oil , but in freezing cold winters it does not work enough for me…what does work is vitamine a oil mixed with a drop of organic glycerine, does wonders for you face (and feet!)

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