Starting as I mean to go on

Oh, hai Monday! You know how I promised you (in my own fool head, natch) that I’d make the absolute most of you, getting up with the larks (when do the larks get up, anyway? Please say 10am.), heading to the gym, and then returning home for a super-productive day of work, and maybe even novel writing?

Yeah, sorry none of that happened, Monday. I’d say I tried my best, but clearly that would be a dirty rotten lie so, meh. I DID take delivery of a pair of new shoes, though, so at least I’m keeping SOME of my resolutions. Just not, you know, the really important ones.

So, yes, the gym and I have been strangers for over a month now. It’s very sad, I know.  Especially given that I managed to eat my own body weight in chocolate and cheese over the course of the holiday – and by “the holiday” I mean, “the one that started on December 7th and continued until yesterday”. It’s tough trying to motivate yourself to get back into a normal working routine when you’ve been doing nothing (well, nothing other than getting ill repeatedly) for an entire month, and this is probably why I’ve failed miserably today. Also because there is a bunch of white stuff outside the house, which could be just frost but which could also be snow, and I don’t DO snow. Or frost, come to think of it. GOD, I need a holiday.

Anyway, as Rubin mentioned in his post last month, one of the things my parents got me for Christmas was a SAD light. Seriously, that’s its actual name, not S.A.D. light, but SAD light. Sob! I’ve placed it on my desk and am trying to use it every day, my hope being that it will totally revolutionize my life, and I’ll be miraculously transformed from a miserable sloth into a super-motivated person, who will just rattle off that novel in a couple of weeks and then be free to spend the rest of the year buying shoes. Or something like that, anyway. Of course, for that to happen I’m going to have to remember to switch the thing on occasionally. I’m working on it. In the meantime, I WILL go to the gym tomorrow. Feel free to reach through the screen and slap me if I don’t.