Well, it’s finally happened: I’ve started hearing voices.

Luckily for me (or perhaps not, actually),  Terry and Rubin have also been hearing the voices,  so it would appear that what we’re dealing with here isn’t so much A Descent into Madness as it is a Haunting. (We’re also apparently dealing with Random Capitalisation of Words, but to be honest, that’s the least of my worries right now considering I’m HEARING VOICES, people, OMG!).

I heard the first Voice one day last week. I can’t remember which day it was, but it was towards the end of the week. Let’s call it “Thursday”.  Anyway, it was about 3pm. Terry, Rubin and I were all in the office, with the door open onto the hall.  At the end of the hall (which is only about two metres long), our bedroom door was also open.

It was from the bedroom that The Voice spoke.

Now, I don’t know what The Voice said, and neither does Terry, because he didn’t actually hear it that time. Rubin, however, also heard The Voice, and I know this because when It spoke, he looked towards the bedroom and then looked up at me as if to say, “Am I going crazy here, or is there A Voice in your bedroom right now?”

There was no Voice in the bedroom, though, as we Terry discovered when I made him go and check things out. In fact, I don’t think he even believed me, no matter how hard I tried to convince him that, yes! There had been a Voice! That said words! That I couldn’t quite make out! He insisted that it must have been someone outside in the street.

I was unconvinced by this. The Voice, you see, had been RIGHT THERE; it had only said one or two words, but when it said them it had clearly been standing just out of sight, IN OUR BEDROOM. Which was creepy, really.  But I decided to go with Terry’s “someone in the street outside” theory, mostly because it was preferable to believing that I was either:

a) Mad


b) Being haunted

Then, on Monday, The Voice spoke again.

This time, Terry heard it too, as did Rubin.  Again, it happened at about 3pm, and again, The Voice seemed to be coming from just inside our bedroom. It said one, or possibly two, words. Terry thought it said “Continue”. I thought it said, “Hey, you!” Rubin hasn’t offered a theory as to what The Voice said yet, but to be completely honest with you, Rubin’s theories are almost always pretty fantastical, so it’s probably just as well.

Anyway. We all rushed into the bedroom to investigate, Scooby Doo style. (Well. Obviously I rushed a little bit slower than Terry and Rubin did. Well, would YOU want to come face to face with a disembodied Voice? I think not.) Needless to say, there was nothing there. There was no one in the street outside. But there had been a VOICE. Again. And now I for one was good n’ freaked.

One thing we’d both noticed was that while obviously human, The Voice sounded a little bit robotic, almost like a recording. So, naturally we thought it must be coming from some kind of electrical item in the room.

Electrical items in the room at the time of The Second Speaking:

  • Our mobiles. These are, of course, the chief suspects here, but neither of them showed any signs of having received a call or text, or carried out any kind of action. Mine had been at my parents’ house at the time of the First Speaking, so it was off the hook anyway, and Terry’s wouldn’t really know how to speak like that, even if it wanted to. So we don’t think it was them, but we’re keeping them under close observation.
  • Alarm clocks: well, they’ve never spoken before, and both make beeping noises rather than Voices, but we did check and no alarms were found to have been set.
  • Hairdryer and straighteners: both mutes, and therefore innocent of all charges.
  • Er, that’s it on the “electrical items” front.

So, it’s a mystery. And it’s a mystery I would quite like to have solved, thanks very much, because for the last two nights, every time I’ve woken up I’ve been horribly aware of the fact that, why, The Voice must’ve been standing right next to MY SIDE OF THE BED each time it spoke! And then I’ve had to lie there awake with my head under the covers, too scared to open my eyes in case I come face to face with The Voice. Or the body belonging to the voice, anyway. It would be pretty hard to come face to face with just a Voice. I hope.

We did, of course, notice that both pronouncements from The Voice happened at roughly the same time of day, so we were thinking this might be significant, but 3pm passed on both Tuesday and today without incident.

We’re stumped. If there are never any more posts here, though, and Terry and I should disappear under mysterious circumstances, please feel free to forward this post to the police. Or the Ghostbusters, maybe. Thanks.

  1. That is funny. I have experienced similar things in the past, but sounds instead of voices, and yes, they were coming from electronic devices. I once had a stopwatch that I ended up throwing out because I could never figure out how to keep it from beeping at certain intervals. Could your "voice" be coming from a neighbor's home? Sometimes if you have an adjacent wall or even a detached home but the houses are very close, it can almost sound like the voice is inside your home. Perhaps you could go door to door asking your neighbors to inspect their home for any devices that speak at around 3:00:)

    1. We do have a house adjoining ours, but the freaky thing about THAT is that it’s been unoccupied for about two years now, with the guy who lived there having disspeared in mysterious (to us) circumstances. OH. MY. GOD. Now I’m really freaking myself out!

      I know sound sometimes travels in strange ways, though, so I’m really hoping it’s just something we haven’t thought of yet. May have to send Terry door-to-door!

      1. Call him by his real name. The International Man of Mystery. 1 year and 11 months he has been gone… Maybe he is dead in the house next door and it's his ghost That is haunting us? Or maybe Rubin got fed up of not being able to speak and has programmed some unnamed electronic device to tell us it is his dinner time?

  2. Totally freaky!!!

    I've been convinced that I am personally haunted for years now, and I'd kind of gotten used to fact. That is, until last month when Dave and I were reading in bed one night and I SWEAR TO GOD he said me, right beside me, "DO IT." He insists he didn't, and by the thinly veiled look of terror on his face I know it wasn't him. But who was it? And what am I supposed to do? Is it throwback ghost from the 90s when everything was splashed with the slogan "Just Do It"?

    Disembodied voices can be so cryptic sometimes.

    <abbr>Amanda Nicole´s last blog post..small graces: days 20 & 21</abbr>

  3. Oh how spooky! I hope the Voice speaks again, and this time can you listen carefully to what it’s saying?

    Nothing this interesting ever happens in my house. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing though…

    Tracey´s last blog post..Lack of inspiration

    1. We're ready and waiting for it to speak again – every day at 3pm all work stops as we await The Voice! I'm actually quite dissapointed not to have had a peep from it since Monday…

    1. Haha, it could be – it could be a CONSPIRACY! And actually, maybe it hasn’t been Terry speaking at night, maybe it’s been The Voice all along!

  4. Well Guy’s and girls (not forgeting Rubin), this sounds interesting, but familiar.
    I had a couple of similar stories crop up over the years. One that occurred around 15 years ago was a similar robotic voice occurrence that stumped a client of mine.
    She (69 yrs granny) kept hearing the same noise around 10-11pm; she too couldn’t make out what was said; totally incoherent words.
    After some investigative detective work (I gave here a tape recorder and asked her to press record when the noise was heard) I discovered the noise sounded very similar to back pressure in the water pipes.

    To her surprise the central water heater (boiler) was running on a timer and it started operating at 10 pm, this caused the air trapped in the pipes from a leaking gasket, to gurgle a few times when the air moved up to the roof area, towards the pressure release valve.
    So I replaced the faulty / leaky gasket and, hey presto, exorcism complete.
    Now the second story (which I personally lived and endured) happened a couple of years ago. This one sounds like Amber, Terry and Rubin’s problematic voice.
    Whilst working on the computer in the mornings (emails etc,
    etc) I thought I was hearing voices from my adjacent living room.
    I thought to my self “that had to be the buggies saying some new phrase they picked up.
    So after hearing the same incoherent noise the very next day (at the same time, around 9 am) I decided to go and sit in the living room for a closer listen.
    Two days past (two 15 min, 9 am vigils) and it was Saturday morning (no noise today), then Sunday (no sounds here either).
    So I thought, “that was the end of that”, but Monday came and whilst, again on the P.C, sure enough 9.20 am the mysterious sound sprang into life.
    I quickly ran into the living room for a listen and herd it again.
    Looking at the buggies (Fonky and Donky) no joy, they were as stumped as I was.
    So I unplugged every electrical gadget in the room (T.V, DVD, stereo etc) to see what the source was, but no joy.
    Next day I was in the room at 9am, making sure I would be there to greet the ghost of the living room (though I was 100% positive there was an explainable and logical reason for this noise occurrence).
    Sure enough, 9.15 and there it was, a non coherent, robotic type of noise.
    Well when I herd it a memory ran through my mind from when I was 12 years old.
    I clearly remembered when living in Newbridge the same thing happening from a speaker on an UNPLUGGED stereo unit in our bedroom at random times.
    The speaker was picking up radio interference or broadcast from taxi drivers or CB units from lorries on the (close by) A8.
    Speakers often turn into receivers even though they are not connected to a power supply.
    And sure enough (back to now) every morning our neighbor, AKA taxi driver would log in to base around 9.15.

    His unit seemingly running on a high wattage was bleeding into other speakers in the vicinity too!
    Though voice is being broadcast the speaker coil cannot reproduce the sound to its original quality, thus the robotic appearance of the sound.

    The reason Saturday and Sunday were not on the menu was that he didn’t work on those days.
    So there you go then, check there are no speakers of any kind in the room at the time (even a small clock radio will do the trick), or be next to the speaker s when the 3 o’clock spook time comes around.
    I hope that Scooby Doo’s the riddle of the Amberating voice of the bedroom past.
    If not get Lila to order some medication for the three of you from the net, that should work too, though I don’t know what you will be like after a month or so.
    Anyroad god luck whatever the result.
    Ciao my lovelies…Geo.

    1. George, thanks for this – I think it might be the one of the alarm clocks pciking something up, from what you've said, just got no idea what! Will put Rubin on the case!

  5. LOL at your mum’s comment Amber!

    I’ve never heard voices, but I am convinced we have a ghost because I am forever seeing shadows moving and feeling a presence in a room when I am alone.

    Fi´s last blog post..Outfit: More Purple

    1. Fi, that would totally terrify me – if I have to get out of bed during the night I always make sure I don't look into any mirrors because I'm scared I'll see someone standing behind me!

    1. See, this is the thing – our room is so tiny, and there's hardly anything in it so I just can't understand what it could be! You're right, though, it's SO going to turn out to be something totally normal – I just wish I knew what!

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