This week I’ve been trying out some products by MyFace Cosmetics. This is the makeup line by Charlotte Tilbury which I mentioned briefly last week, and it’s one of those simple-but-effective ideas there really should be more of in the world.

The line is split into three ranges: fair, medium and medium/dark, and the idea is that you choose which tone is closest to yours, and every product within that range will suit you. So it basically takes the guesswork out of choosing colours. The products themselves, meanwhile, include foundations, lipsticks, blushers, lip pencils and eye shadows (the eye shadows will work on any skin tone, of course), mascaras and more, so everything is more or less covered. 

I have no question about which skin tone I am: I’m very definitely “fair”, so needless to say, that’s the range I’ve been trying out. This has been something of an eye-opener, actually. As someone whose colouring makes it difficult to find products to suit, I have fairly set ideas about which colours will and won’t work on me, so it was interesting to try out the MyFace  range, which included some colours said to be suitable for “fair” skin tones which I wouldn’t have thought would’ve worked on me.

Most of the time, this was successful: the ‘Paradiso Pink’ blusher looked too bright in the box, but I loved the way it looked on, and while some of the lip colours aren’t ones I’d wear (there’s obviously an element of personal taste involved here – just because something is a “good” colour for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll like the way it looks!) most of the colours were pretty well-chosen. I’d hesitate to call it “foolproof”, but it’s definitely a good starting point, especially for those who aren’t quite sure which kind of colours to buy – or who just want to experiment.

Today I’m using three products from the MyFace: the Paradiso Pink blusher, Lip Pop gloss in 133 and ‘Crocodile Rock’ eyeshadow trio. The packaging is simple, slick and modern, and really appealed to me. The eye shadows, meanwhile, are to die for, and I love every single one of the colours available (and will be trying out some more of them over the next few days!) I particularly liked ‘Crocodile Rock’ which comes in three shades of green, and has a slight shimmer to it:



The blusher, meanwhile, is a lovely bright pink which looks much more natural on than it does off, and really helped brighten up my complexion, which is still slightly grey-tinged after the recent bout of the cold:



Finally, the lipgloss in shade ‘133’ is a similar colour to the Paradiso Pink blusher and, like the blusher, although it looks very bright in the tube, it actually looks very natural on, and gives a “barely there” pink shine:


As I said, I’ll be reviewing more products from this line over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime, if you want to sample some of the products for yourself, they’re all available exclusively from

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