Well, it certainly took me long enough, but this week I've finally, FINALLY gotten round to trying out Urban Decay's famous Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Hallelujah! (In my defence, I rarely wear eyeshadow, but even so, people, even so…)

You know how some products get so hyped up that by the time you actually buy them, you just know they'll never be able to live up their reputations,and will prove to be a crushing disappointment?

This isn't one of those products. Phew!

No, I'm pleased to report that Eyeshadow Primer Potion is every bit as good as I'd heard it was. For the benefit of anyone out there who hasn't heard of it, this is a primer which you apply to your eyelids before putting on eyeshadow. It's supposed to stop your eyeshadow fading or creasing throughout the day, and the short story is that, yes: it does.

I've used this several times now, applying it to my eyelids first thing in the morning, and then putting on eyeshadow, which I've left until last thing at night, to see how well it worked. The result? The eyeshadow I'd normally have expected to be a mere shadow of itself (see what I did there?) or to have creased uncontrollably, looked as fresh as it did when I'd put it on. It did not budge. It did not bleed. Amazing  – and I used this with cheap eyeshadow as well as expensive stuff too, to give it a proper trial.

I've read a lot of criticisms of the tube this comes in: it certainly looks pretty, but I know a lot of people complain that it's difficult to get all of the potion out of it, so you end up with lots of product left in the bottom which you can't access. Obviously I've not used enough of this yet to really be able to comment on that, but it's something I'll be bearing in mind as I continue using it.

Other than that, top marks from me, and I liked it enough to name it a Holy Grail product – result!

Buy: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

  1. When it seems you have run out, pull out the stopper thingy, or…cut it open and put it into a small jar. It pretty much triples the amount you get.

  2. great idea from lyn =)
    I have worn this to Nine Inch Nail concerts, lol, things get kind of … er….shweaty in those places. Well, all the jumping and yelling and getting squashed didn’t bother my eye shadow when I wore this primer. It stayed regardless. Amazing product.

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