Say you’d had a really bad haircut. A haircut so bad, in fact, that even now, months later, you’re still growing it out, and while it may not look too bad to the naked eye, only you (and now the five or so people who read your blog) know how much time you have to spend trying to wrestle it into submission every morning. (Clue: a LOT of time.)

Say you know that, at the current rate of progress, you still have quite a few months to go before your hair will return to anything like “normality”.

Would you:

a) Say, “To hell with it!”, make an appointment with the hairdresser and have it cut to shoulder length (or, OK, maybe just below that), thus getting rid of most (but not all) of the mullet-like layers in one fell swoop, but leaving your hair the shortest it’s been since you were about 14. And you’re really not sure how you’re going to feel about that…

b) Say, “To hell with it!”, leave it to continue growing out for another month (even although some mornings you’d like to rip it clean out of your head) and spend the money on shoes instead.

c) Take the sensible-but-boring approach of getting it cut, but only having a couple of inches taken off, so you will continue your progress towards normal, non-layered hair, but slowly.

d) Get a fringe.*

Your feedback on this most important of issues would be appreciated.

*Note: I’m kidding about the fringe. Probably.

  1. Option B. If you’ve already waited this long, what’s another month? Besides, I wouldn’t be able to resist new shoes. 🙂

  2. You should get it cut to just below shoulder length, and if u hate it at least you don’t need to leave the house till it grows back. Make a wig for the rubinman with the trimmings x

  3. Option A all the way. I have curly red hair, and it never seemed to look right. Last summer I chopped it (I actually didn’t mean to cut it that short, but (un)fortunately the person cutting my hair didn’t speak english, so it was all kind of hit or miss (no I’m not joking, but who can say no to a 15 dollar hair cut?)) and it was the best thing I ever did. I’m probably going to be taking it a little shorter this spring, more just-below-the-chin-length, but right below the shoulder is a great way to ease yourself into short hair, hehe.

    I think your face would compliment the short hair well, it’s pretty oval shaped, and aren’t you getting bored with having it the same? Don’t get me wrong, I think your hair looks great, it’s just that personally I get bored after having the same hairstyle for more than even 2 weeks.

    One suggestion, don’t do what I did, go to a place that you’ve heard good things about and trust. With curly hair I can get away with the sides not being perfectly even, but straight hair has a harder time pulling that off :P.

  4. I have just dealt with this same issue, and I got my hair cut short, like chin length at the minute. I had a bit of a mullet after growing out the style I had done before Christmas.
    Get it cut to shoulder length. It might actually surprise you how much you like it and if not then you can wear your hair up, or hide until it grows.

    Let us know how it goes.


    Mhairi´s last blog post..Week 3: the results are in

  5. a. For 5 reasons,
    1 It will be the first haircut in history that I will be able to notice.
    2 I have never seen you with shorter hair
    3 Why not take a risk? 🙂
    4 If you don’t like it then it will grow back.
    5 You have good facial bones 😛

  6. I had a very bad haircut a few years ago, actually the day before a job interview. It looked like I had two different haircuts on my head! After I got through the job interview (it was too late when I realized how bad it was), I did try to slower growing out method (choice C) but after agonizing over it and all I could see when I looked at my hair was that haircut— I went for choice A and was much happier! I mean even if it seemed alot shorter (only to me not to other people) it was better than being traumatized by the bad haircut every morning!

  7. I would take option e) wear a pony tail every day until I’m satisfied with my hair. That is what I did when the stylist cut my long hair with layers starting at four inches (yes, four inches from my scalp). Really freaking short layers for someone with long hair.

    Oddly, getting the wrong color is more traumatizing than the wrong cut. I am trying to go back to my natural color and had about six months of grow out and asked a stylist to bring that color through my hair with minimal highlights and she interpreted that to make me blonde again. And I cried about that, but not the awful layers.

  8. What I always do is option C. It may be boring but I’m usually pretty happy with the results.

    I also stress more about the wrong color. A few years ago, I wanted to try to go back to my natural color – a dark blonde – and get a shorter haircut at the same time. At the time, I had really light blonde hair that was a little past shoulder length. A hour later I came out with GREEN hair with white highlights and layers that were so short they stuck straight out the back of my head. This was from a well respected hair salon too! I cried so much and got my money back so I could go to a different salon. I got the color fixed but there was nothing they could do to fix the cut. Ponytails weren’t an option, my hair was so short. It took about a good 2 months before my hair became long enough to even do anything with, I just relied on a lot of hair products.

    After that, I’ve become scared to do anything different or drastic to my hair, so I’ve had the same cut and color for about 4 years now. I would love to color my hair red but am afraid it’d turn out purple or orange so I’m just going to keep on being a blonde!

  9. A! A! A!

    Did I mention… A! 🙂

    Short is great – go just under your shoulders and you can do SO much with it. It’s great for styling a little differently and works beautifully with all kinds of hairclip/band goodies 🙂

    I did this, and since then have gone for shorter because I loved it short so much. My hair’s now grown to my shoulders and I’m keen to get it cut again because it’s too long 😉

    Erin´s last blog post..Me-me-me-meeeeeee!

  10. Oh man, I came over here for encouraging words. Going to get a haircut today myself and facing a similar issue. I want my hair to grow out though currently I look like Richard Lionheart.

    I say let it grow out. Don't have it cut short(er) you're going to regret it.

    <abbr>Kat´s last blog post..What Did I Do?</abbr>

  11. Option A definitely. Once you go a bit shorter you will wonder why you didn't do it before. It's SO much easier & quicker to wash, dry and style hair that is a bit shorter. I reckon just below your shoulders will be perfect, still long enough to tie up for the gym and still long, but just easier to manage.

    But repeat after me: no fringe!

    <abbr>Fi´s last blog post..Outfit: Black & Blue Tuesday</abbr>

  12. As someone who has – genuinely – had actual nightmares about getting my long hair cut, I naturally hover on option A.

    BUT (for yes, there is a but)… you'd probably look stunning with shorter hair. And say you do hate it, you'll probably be tying it back for a few months… isn't that what you're doing now? And at least The Mullet Layers will be gone 🙂

    <abbr>Toni´s last blog post..Photos I Love #WhateverItIsNow: Oh, Boys.</abbr>

  13. Amber, I really sympathise. I think I must have a hairdresser phobia (there must be a name for that). It really is scary to trust a stranger with my hair. I have always loved having long hair and although I get bored of it sometimes, I always regret when I have had it cut short and can't wait for it to grow back.

    I'm sorry to say that only you can make the decision, as it is only you that has to live with the consquences.

    Good luck


    PS. I love your hair in your photos. It's beautiful, full of lushious life and really suits you.

    <abbr>Heather Bestel´s last blog post..Stress Tip of the Week – Give Yourself a Treat</abbr>

  14. When I was much younger, maybe 8th grade or so, I got a haircut at J.C. Penney’s and the woman gave me a bad farrah fawcett like mullet complete with feathering and what not. Mind you, this was in the later half of the 90’s. It was a lot of upkeep and no way was an 8th grader going to blow out her hair every damn day. So when I washed it and air-dried it like usual, it was so bad…SOOOO bad. I looked like an ugly mangy cocker spaniel or a trucker. And I just couldn’t stop crying for 3 days so my mom took me outside and just chopped the mullet part off. Best thing to happen to me. I looked older, cuter, completely made-over and I’ve been addicted to changing my hairstyle drastically ever since. I grow it out just so I can cut it all off again. So…my advice is option A. You may be surprised how much you love shorter hair.

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