(*Note: ha, gotchya! Of course I’m not giving up blogging about my hair! Because what else would I blog about? No, seriously?)

Well, The Internet has spoken on the important issue of What I Should Do With My Stupid Hair, and it seems the Internet is firmly in favour of me cutting it all off. Or a big chunk of it, anyway. Like, really in favour of that.

Naturally, this has given rise to several small but intense moments of paranoia today, as I’ve thought to myself. “OMG, The Internet must really, really hate my hair the way it is now, if it’s this enthusiastic about the idea of me cutting it off! Wah!” But who am I to resist The Internet? So (drumroll)…

I’ve booked an appointment with my hairdresser for this Saturday. I know! I was amazed they could fit me in that quickly too – yay for the recession and people choosing to cut their hair themselves or something! (Note: joking. Also, never cut your hair yourself, kids, that way madness lies. Trust one who knows. )

I’m still not totally sure what I’m going to have done.  I’m pretty sure the length will be considerably shorter, but, having re-examined the hair in the cold light of day (why yes, I DO spend too much time thinking about this!), new evidence has come to light, namely the fact that the layers around the front actually start at CHIN LEVEL. These are the most troublesome bits of all, so even if I go to shoulder length (NO. I WILL NOT BE GOING TO CHIN LENGTH. ABSOLUTELY NOT. UH-UH.) I will still face a mighty tussle every morning to coax these layers into submission.

Clearly, getting a fringe is out of the question. I repeat: is OUT. OF. THE. QUESTION so, well, I have no idea what I’m going to do about that. I think I’ll probably just not think about it until I’m actually sitting in the Chair O’Doom, wearing one of those huge, unflattering capes, and then ask for a fringe anyway.

(I’m kidding about the fringe.)


Meanwhile, Terry had lots of fun today making me look like “a mutant” (his words) with Photoshop. I’m particularly amused by the mad skillz he has employed to draw in the part of my sweater which was covered by my hair in the original photo. I promise I don’t ACTUALLY have a hunchback. Well, not so as you’d notice…



Almost 100% certain I’ll be going with the one on the bottom right…

(These all have about 5″ taken off the bottom, by the way. Except the,er, Bichon cut, obviously…)

  1. I know (from experience!) that the thought of chopping all your long hair off is terrifying, but I really thing you look great with the chin length bob!

    1. I really hate the bob – defininitely not an option! You're right about Rubin, though – I bet that's why he's been in the huff with me since yesterday!

  2. I actually really like the look of the one on the top left. Can't wait to see what you decide to do! Having gone from mid-back to shoulder length myself, be prepared to go into shock.

    1. That's prpbably roughly the length I'll go for. No idea what to do with the front, though, because there just aren't a lot of options that don't feature the words "layers" or "fringe"!

          1. of course.

            *thinking of something to say because this conversation is totally not going anywhere*

            hope you make up your mind soon. good luck.

  3. I love Option One. But holy crap, I nearly fell off my chair with roffling to see your Bichon self. David was looking at me going "what the hell is up with you that you are roffling so hard you are falling off the couch?"

    "Amber." ('nuf said!)


    p.s. the bob is a little too Victoria Beckham for my liking, but I do really like the top left one 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about the bob – I just think it's too severe for my liking, and in real life, it would be much limper than that because my hair is so fine, and needs the length to create the illusion of body!

      I keep laughing at the Rubin one too 🙂

  4. Bottom left – you look like Heather Graham!

    I like option one a lot, but contrary to popular choice I actually like option 2 best! I think it really shows off your face!

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't even mutter the word "fringe" while there are scissors in the vicinity – there's just no call to tempt fate (or the hairdresser) in that way!

    <abbr>Caroline´s last blog post..Give you wings</abbr>

    1. I'm not going to ask for a fringe – just don't know what I AM going to get her to do with the front, though, because it looks awful at the moment, and if I don't do something with it, I'll end up looking like Morticia Adams! But I can't think of anything I can do with it that doesn't involve the words "fringe" or "layers"!

      1. See, this is what confuses me. I have layers through my hair and manage to get them cut in every time without even a hint of a mullet. I just tell them to graduate through the front to frame my face, and add some shape to the ends… come to think of it, I don't use the word "layers" at all…

        I think you need to scour the city for a hairdresser who you can trust!

        <abbr>Caroline´s last blog post..Boxed in</abbr>

        1. Well, the hairdresser I found last time does seem like one I can trust – it's just that I am pretty clueless about hair, and had no idea what to ask for without saying "layers", which always goes wrong. But aha! I'm going to say what you said: hopefully that'll do it 🙂 (And sounds like pretty much what I want, too…)

  5. I think the bob looks gret…. BUT since you have red hair, and where I live i think i´ve seen 1 or 2 real redheads in my hole life i think you should keep it as long as possible, because it´s red, and red is pretty so if it´s long there´s more = more pretty stuff, god i´m not making any sense today…I think its too early

  6. The first picture looks great – I'm interested to see what you actually go for, though! Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think the chin-length bob is a good choice – it's a bit of a harsh cut and having had mine that length and haaaaaaaaaaated it (literally, you can't do anything with it) I wouldn't recommend it!

    I think we're all interested because we're living vicariously through you, not because we hate your hair. You have great hair, but *we* need a change 😉

    <abbr>Diane´s last blog post..big-birthday girl</abbr>

    1. Ah, at last, someone who agrees with me about the bob! I think I'll probably get it to just below shoulder lengths – I've had enough bad haircuts lately, it's left me a bit over-cautious!

  7. I have cut my hair myself the past two times – and I mean, proper cutting! Short and all! It works fine (although when it grows out it always looks worse than hairdresser cuts). Oh, and I bought a wig at the weekend (no, I am not mad, honestly) so I can now have short hair AND long hair!

    I like the fourth picture – and well done for being brave and getting it done! It will always grow back if you don't like it!

    <abbr>mysterycreature´s last blog post..Todays outfit</abbr>

    1. Ooh, that's very brave to cut it yourself – I've tried that with fringes I've had in the past and it's always gone horribly wrong!

      I think where I've got to with it now is that I'm so tired of waiting to grow out the last two horrible cuts that I don't want to have to wait more months to grow out something else if I don't like it, so I'll probably go shorter, but not too drastic…

  8. Last year, I got my boob-length hair "trimmed". She gave me these wicked "face-framing" layers that looked like a severely overgrown mullet.

    I had to grow it out for a YEAR, and I just got it all evened back out today. I love it. It's still shorter than I've ever had it, and I just about gave myself a coronary fretting over it all day long before the appointment – but I LOVE it. My advice – go for it, you'll be glad it's over. 🙂

  9. ahhhh, nooo. do not cut it!

    grow it out.

    short hair: common no matter how interesting the cut or colour.

    long hair: unique because everyone else is too impatient to let their hair grow out.

    my hair is down to my butt, and not in a daggy morman way either, and its actually EASIER to deal with than a bob (been there, done that) or shoulder length hair.

  10. Go for the Rubin look (JK). Actually I think you should even out your layers then grow your hair long. That's what I did when I got layers and started looking like Macgyver. Now I have to admit I look good. Just be careful not to even mutter the word "fringe" around the hairdresser. The horror!

  11. You are going to look beautiful whatever you do with your hair. I don't get the whole "ginger" namecalling thing at all. My father and your your grandmother both had red hair, and I always wanted to have it too, cos it makes you different from the crowd. Which you are!!!

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