Fi, (Of “Shoegal” fame) tagged me in the “Show Us Your Blog Spot” meme that’s been doing the rounds this month, and because this meme carries the threat “If you are tagged and do not participate, you will become allergic to cabbage,” I thought I’d better do it. I like cabbage, what can I say?

Anyway, as the name suggests, the rules of this meme are that you have to show everyone the spot where you blog. Because I blog for business rather than/as well as pleasure, we have a home office, which is where both Terry and I can be found… well, most of the the time, to be honest. I showed you a close-up of my desk last month, so here is a…. um, the opposite of a close-up. Predictably, Rubin is in the picture too:


My blog spot
My blog spot

Cleverly, I managed to totally obscure the view of the desk with my person, but meh, you’ve seen it before, so whatevs. It’s all pretty self explanatory: desk, chair, fluffy dog… The large silver case you can see underneath my desk is my Sephora train case, which is what I keep my face (i.e. my makeup) in. Yes, I need THAT MUCH of it. Because our house is tiny, the only place I can really keep it is under my desk, but I rest my feet on it while I’m working, so it works out OK.

To the left of my desk is Terry’s desk. (He’s not there because he’s not been feeling well today, poor soul, and has been lying on his bed muttering “The daggers! The daggers!”:


My, but he keeps a lot of crap under his desk, no? Yes, we sit next to each other all day long. No, it has not affected our relationship one bit, on account of  we don’t actually speak to each other most of the time. He listens to stuff on iPlayer most of the time, and I’m on Twitter all day so hey, problem solved!

Immediately behind us, on the opposite wall from our desks, are these attractive Ikea shelves:


The red boxes contain photos, memorabilia and various bits of paper we don’t ever look at. The wooden box on the bottom right contains chargers for all of our various gadgets. It is slightly too small for this purpose. The overflowing basket in the bottom left is Rubin’s toy box. His bed is also in this room, but I had to move it to take this shot, because the room is so damn small. (I also had to hold the camera above my head. Seriously, could. not. swing. a. cat.)

And that’s my “blog spot”. I very occasionally blog from my bed, but only once in a blue moon because, well, my butt gets sore when I do that. And the ground floor of our house is so cold I rarely venture down there, so this is where 99% of my blogging happens. I know you care about this , Internet.

Also, while we’re talking about my writing, which we weren’t really, but hey: I’ve added a button in the sidebar which shows you the current word count of my novel. I’ve done this to try and force myself to actually write some of the stupid thing, and also so that excitement can build as you all count down to that magic moment when I decide that, actually, I can’t be bothered writing a novel no more, and throw in the towel. As you can see, at the time of writing, I have completed 4,709 words. At least eight of them will not be deleted at a later date, those being the words, “Chapter 1”, “Chapter 2”, “Prologue” and “By Amber McNaught.” Damn, but I’m good at this!

  1. Ummm you just described my life. People always ask how often Dave and I want to kill one another, but really, it’s not as often as you’d think.

    And that’s an awesome idea for motivation! You’ve already written A LOT!

    Amanda Nicole´s last blog there somewhere

  2. I think it would be cool if you put a large, wildly interesting piece of artwork on the wall above your desks. Maybe something really weird like a Dali print or something.

    Leslie´s last blog post..Bloomers

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