Another day, another lot of MyFace Cosmetics products for me to play with!

Today I'm wearing the MyMix foundation in 'Fair – 03' Gigabite lipstick in shade 252 – 'Get Ready' and the eyeshadow trio in 'Band of Gold'.

First up, the MyMix foundation. Now, I have to confess, I was skeptical about this. Because my skin is so pale I have lots of problems finding foundation which is the right shade for it, and when I saw this in the tube I was convinced it would be too dark for me.

MyFace do say that all of the shades within the range created for your skin tone will suit you, though, so I dutifully slapped it on, and was pleasantly surprised to find that it actually DID work. It's maybe a fraction darker than I would like, but not enough to stop me wearing it – amazing!

This is a fairly light coverage foundation, and I would normally use a powder over the top to take some of the shine off my forehead, but I was in a rush today and didn't bother, so please excuse the shine!

Read on after the jump for more on the  lipstick and eyeshadow…


The lipstick I'm wearing is also from the "Fair" range. It's shade 252 'Get Ready', and I love it: it's a not-too-bright rosy pink which has a bit of a sheen to it, and is really easy to wear.

The eyeshadow trio, meanwhile, is a collection of tawny browns, called "Band of Gold". The darkest shade (in the centre) is what the brand call a "bling" colour – i.e. it has some glitter in it. It's actually more subtle than I'd expected, and although the glitter particles catch the light nicely, it's not over the top, so suitable to wear during the day as well as in the evening.


Finally, as with yesterday' products, if you want to try these out for yourself, they're available from Boots.

  1. That lipstick looks gorgeous on you. I keep looking at the MYface cosmetics and they just aren’t grabbing me. IS the pigmentation good on the eye shadows and blushes?

  2. Fozzie – thanks! The lipstick isn’t a colour I’d have picked up, but I really liked it on. The pigments aren’t particulalry intense: they’re quite subtle on, which I like because I’m not really an “eyeshadow” person, but others may not. That said, I’ve not tried them all yet 🙂
    Veronika – thank you 🙂 My hair just looks different because I’ve been having to pin the front of it up most of the time. I’m growing out layers and it looks horrendous when it’s down, so I’ve been wearing it half up/half down until it grows out a bit more! Although, this week I have been using this:
    Instead of using it in the shower, I put it onto towel-dried hair and let is soak in for a few minutes, and it’s amazing – it made my hair so soft and shiny that I’m going to have to get some more now!

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