Although I didn’t mention it on this blog (because that would have made it REAL, and, well, I didn’t really want it to be), at the start of this year I realised I’d been just a little bit “spendy” lately, so I decided to make an effort to cut back on buying clothes.  (Not shoes, though. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to “buy more shoes” after all, and by God, I will do it if it kills me! Or if Terry kills me because of it, whichever comes first.)

I DID make the mistake of telling Terry about my resolution, though, and he made a little “we’ll see about that” noise and then suggested it might be “fun” if I tried to keep track of just how many clothes I DO buy this year. By that I think he meant it would be fun for him, because it would allow Mr “Three Monitors” Man over there to feel all superior about the fact that he DOESN’T buy too many clothes, just lots of monitors and stuff.

Anyway. Because I am stupid, I decided to take him up on his suggestion and I now present the list of Things I Bought in January:

3 pairs of shoes (WIN!)

1 dress

1 skirt

4 tops

And actually, I think this may turn out to be a counter-productive exercise, because when I see it all written down like that, it doesn’t really look too bad, does it? (Maybe I should try to spend MORE? Food for thought, there…) Especially when you consider that one pair of shoes was in the sale for £10, all of the tops were cheap basics, like long-sleeve t-shirts and vest/tunic things, that are actually essential to life.

All the same, resolution for February: buy less than that.

(Let’s just ignore the fact that yesterday? I went shopping. That doesn’t really count, though, because I only bought gym clothes and I HAD to buy gym clothes because I was in danger of being mistaken for a homeless person every time I tried to exercise.)

Also: it’s been snowing here for the past 24 hours now. I feel I have to mention this because it’s been more or less the only topic of conversation on Twitter and Facebook all day today, and I’m starting to feel left out because I’m apparently the only person in the world who doesn’t get super-excited by the snow. I hate the snow. It’s cold and wet and it makes driving dangerous, and when you work from home ANYWAY, you don’t even get a snow day. Bah, humbug.

Oooh, also: Terry has been giving the blog a bit of a facelift. Isn’t it pretty? Say it is pretty.

  1. Very Pretty! I was banned from shopping on the 14th of January, its so hard.. Also, it snowed down my chimney, onto my carpet, bloody Scotland.

  2. Totally pretty blog! I especially love the category headers.

    And that doesn't seem like a lot of purchases, really, especially since they were on sale and obviously life essentials. My guy is the same, and gets all judgey when I buy yet another winter coat – on sale! – yet he can splash hundreds of dollars on some sort of electronic doohickey. It may look like we're buying more often, but I'd bet they spend more in the end!

    <abbr>Amanda Nicole´s last blog post..a weekend update to remember</abbr>

    1. I know! I mean, I hardly ever go out or anything so I reckon buying clothes is fine. And I know lots of people who spend a fortune every month on takeaway or DVDs or stuff I just don't buy, so hey, we all need a hobby 🙂

  3. Very pretty! We like.

    I didn't even buy any shoes in January, so I'm totally letting the team down. I will make sure to buy at least two pairs in February, just to make up for this gross oversight.

    <abbr>Tracey´s last blog post..Mellow Yellow Monday</abbr>

    1. See, this is the thing, home ownership suddenly opens up a whole new world of shopping. And sometimes you won’t even know WHY you want the stuff, you’ll just know you must buy it. Immediately.

    1. When he comes in from the snow; so much of it sticks to him he ends up looking like he has white ugg boots on 🙂 I had to put him in the bath and melt it off with warm water today.

  4. Might make you feel better to post prices paid along with the list, especially if you're getting bargains like that. At least then you'll have a running total of monies spent and I'd bet it'll all add up to less than a couple of monitors at the end of the year. And photos. Definitely photos.

    1. I HAD actually been going to photograph them, as a kind of visual diary of Stuff I Bought in the course of the year, but laziness took hold, sadly. I’d shudder to write down the prices, mind you, although to be fair, I am a bargain shopper – I’m all about the quanity!

    1. Rubin hasn’t tried eating it yet (that I know of, anyway), but he did bring an awful lot of it into the house with him yesterday, attached to his fur. He seems to quite like it though, for reasons I just can’t fathom!

  5. I know I know, I’m totally behind with reading your blog, I have been away for a fortnight with work, helping with the bad bush fires here. Just a small note on the pretty revamp, it looks a bit funny on Firefox…..

    Yay about the shoes and other goodies!

    Louise´s last blog post..Fire

    1. Louise, would you mind telling me what you mean by “it looks a bit funny”? We’ve both just looked at it on Firefox on two different computers, and we can’t see anything wrong? If you can tell me what you’re seeing, I can get it fixed!

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