As well as jelly sweets, one of my other favourite food groups is the Crispy Cake: you know, just like your mother used to make?

And, lo! The Crispy Surprise turned out to be:


Three crispy cakes, all covered in chocolate and made with Terry’s own fair hands!

Mmmm, ambassador, with these crispy treats you’re really spoiling us!

  1. I guess it can be said that the way to a woman's heart is sometimes through her stomach. 🙂

    That looks yummy! I wish my b/f would put that much thought into his presents…sign.

  2. I love Terry's surprises, how thoughtful. I am totally borrowing the idea for my husband's upcoming birthday:

    1. Briny Surprise – steamed clams and garlic bread

    2. Pirate Surprise – a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum and an eye patch

    3. Omega Surprise – a salmon steak dinner

    4. Noggin Surprise – a couple of new hats and some expensive aftershave

    5. South of the Border Surprise – his favorite nachos and margaritas

    6. Tropical Surprise – a summer shirt and a pair of sunglasses

    I thought about throwing something sexy in there, but where would be the "surprise" in that?

    Thanks for the great idea Terry. Amber – you certainly must know how lucky you are!

  3. God, he's a really sweetie and clever too. I really enjoyed finding out what each surprise turned out to be:) Hope you are both well!

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