If you're anything like me, the recent TV adcerts for Dove's New Hair Minimising deodorant have probably been making you sit up and take notice – and not just because of the gorgeous red Valentino shoes the model's wearing in them, either!

No, this product is remarkable because, as well as performing the usual duties of a deodorant, it promises to take things one step further by actually keeping your underarm area hair fee for longer. Yes, you are reading that correctly.

Dove say:

"The secret is in the unique hair minimising formula that contains a brand new Pro-Epil complex, with natural extracts combined with Dove ¼ moisturising cream. With everyday use hair will seem less noticeable above the skin’s surface. Underarms will feel and look smoother for longer, and hair will feel softer, finer and easier to remove."

So, how does it perform?

Well, I've been using the aerosol version in "Wild Rose" for a couple of weeks now.  This is also available as a roll-on, and also comes in "Natural Fresh" and (exclusive to Tesco) "Silk Lily" scents. The scent itself is gorgeous: it's just sweet enough to be noticeable when you spray it on, but it won't overpower you while you're wearing it, or do battle with any other fragrances you may be wearing.

It claims to offer 24 hour antiperspirant protection, and I've no complaints there either. I've subjected it to the "gym test" several times now, and it works well. I'm guessing you're probably most interested in the hair-reduction claims, however, and that's something that's harder to gauge: I shave my underarm area every day anyway, and have only been using this for a couple of weeks, which isn't quite long enough to see a dramatic difference. With that said, a quick look under the arms today (the things I do for this blog!) revealed that the skin definitely looks smoother: there's none of that tell-tale "just shaved" look, no sign of stubble, and instead, just smooth, soft looking skin.

I have another tin of this stashed away in the bathroom cupboard, so will report back when I've had the chance to use it for longer. In the meantime, if you want to try it for yourself, the aerosols retail at £2.99 and roll-ons at £2.49 RRP, and it's available from most chemists and supermarkets.

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