Review | Gillette Venus Embrace razor and SatinCare shaving gel


  This will possibly come as a surprise to some of you, but I've never really been one for waxing or depilating or any of the other methods of removing hair from my legs. I shave them in the shower every morning, and it suits me fine, although it has to be said that some razors are better than others – and Venus Embrace by Gillette is one of the best Ive tried.

This razor has five blades, which adjust as you shave to make sure they get every hair. They really do, too: the razor head is a little larger than most, which took a bit of getting used to (like, a few seconds worth), but it is definitely effective at getting rid of hairs. It's also next to impossible to cut yourself with it (I say this as someone who has cut herself shaving more times than she'd really care to remember, which may make you wonder why I've never re-thought my "no waxing" position): it has a "ribbon of moisture" (i.e. a band of gel) that makes the shave very smooth and safe.

I've been using this with Gillette's SatinCare gel in Alluring Avocado. It goes on as a gel but turns into a really thick, creamy lather on contact with water. Result: super smooth legs, happy Dollface.