Almost as soon as YSL's Top Secret Flash Radiance Brush was released, I started coveting it. Well, when you read the description of it, can you blame me?

"The secret to radiant skin! With a single brush stroke your can erase signs of fatigue, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and leave your skin feeling velvety smooth with a healthy radiant glow."

"Bring it!" thought I. And luckily for me, the postwoman did – and just in time too, because, having had yet another birthday this week (I don't know why, but I seem to have more of them than other people), I was in dire need of some "radiance".

So, what exactly does this do? Well, when you cut through all the fancy claims, it's basically a foundation primer, which, as regular readers will know, is one of my Very Favourite Things in the world of cosmetics.

The product comes in a gold-topped tube, topped with a thick brush. To use it, you simply twist the top to the "on" position, and squeeze. The brush fills with product – a creamy white liquid – which you brush gently over your face, working in an outwards direction.

Then you wait for two minutes to let it sink in and dry.

After that? Well, after that you're left with soft, smooth skin, which feels like velvet, and is the perfect base for foundation. I'm not quoting from the package there, by the way – that actually is what happens, and I was impressed with how soft my skin felt once the two minutes were up.

As well as softening and smoothing, I also found this pretty good at soaking up moisture. My skin has been on the oily side lately, and can look a little like an oil slick once I've applied my moisturiser. Flash Radiance Brush seemed to soak all that up, so my face was left matt and soft.

As for radiance: I can't say I noticed a huge difference in "radiance" wearing this on its own, so I'd say it's strength lies in prepping the skin for foundation rather than as a stand-alone product. As a primer, though, it's a good 'un, and one I'd definitely buy again.

Buy: Yves Saint Laurent Tops Secret Radiance Brush, £29.99 at Beauty Counter Direct.

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