Is it just me, or does anyone else feel instantly skeptical when they hear of a face cream that costs roughly the same as a mini break?

OK, so I'm exaggerating about the mini-break. Georgio Armani's 'Obsidian' Mineral Regenerating Cream Luxe costs $275 per pot, which isn't the MOST expensive product I've heard of, but would still leave me on a serious budget for the rest of the month, which means that I'd be expecting it to work wonders – and I mean that quite literally.

So, what's special about it?

Well, aside from the rather sexy looking black tub, the cream itself – Crema Nera – is apparently inspired by the Italian island of Pantelleria, and contains a  natural mineral compound found in the petrified lava on the island – the "obsidian" that gives the product its name. All very well, you may be thinking, but what's it going to do for my skin?  This is perhaps best answered by Armani themselves, who say te cream is"scientifically proven to actively restore and revitalize skin's natural radiance and regenerate surface cells."

As for the cost, part of that can be explained by the luxury black lacquer box, which comes with a black obsidian massage stone.

It all looks and sounds very lovely, so if you want to find out for yourself if it works, you can buy it from Nordstrom. Just remember to come back ad tell me what you thought of it!

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