One day soon, I will write a post here that ISN’T about the surprises Terry gave me for my birthday.  Maybe tomorrow, in fact. Or, you know, maybe not, because I’m actually quite enjoying writing posts that don’t require me to engage my brain for more than a few seconds at a time (“What?” I hear you say. “You’ve written posts where you DID engage your brain? Show me them!”), so, meh, we’ll see.

Anyway, just to prove that not all of my birthday surprises involved food, on Sunday afternoon I called in the “H&M Surprise”, which basically involved a shopping trip in which I was allowed to choose two things to buy. Clearly there was a limit to this, which is why this post isn’t called, “HOLY CRAP I GOT TWO PAIRS OF LOUBOUTINS, WHOO HOO!”, but I have to say, it was still a whole lot of fun.

And I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I bought a black dress or some shoes, aren’t you? Well, you are wrong! For once I decided to go against my usual dress-and-shoe-buying-instincts and buy something else. This was mostly prompted by the fact that pretty much ALL I can think about at the moment is summer, and holidays, and weather which can be described without use of the phrases “aaargh!” or “shoot me now, please.” So I got a pair of shorts and a sweater:


And I was totally lying about the “not buying shoes” thing, because on the way back to the car, I spotted these little canvas flats:


“Buy us!” they seemed to cry. “For we, too, will be the perfect addition to your summer holiday wardrobe! Also, we are cheap as chips!”

So, naturally,  I bought them. I bought them myself, though, so they’re not part of the surprises, and really have no place in this entry. Sorry.

(P.S. Terry says thank you very much for all your lovely comments about his surprises, and you’re welcome to use the idea in any way you wish! I, meanwhile, say, “No, you can’t have him!”)

  1. Oooh! Nice purchases! You could even winter-fy those shorts with some tights for our fashion shoot! Arriving in London 11 Dec, flying out on 8 Jan… Sooo… I have officially booked you for New Year's AND fashion shoot AND Berwick! 😀

    <abbr>Erin´s last blog post..I'm So Excited!</abbr>

    1. Well, we'll be going to Florida in June, but we're also hoping to go somewhere hot in the winter too – my vote is for Mexico or Cuba so far 🙂

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