Jen has already told you what her Holy Grail Beauty Products are, so now it's my turn!

Before I start, I should just say that there 's a certain amount of overlap between my list and Jen's: I also swear by Benefit High Beam, for instance, and love me some Carmex and Vaseline Rosy Lips, but because Jen's already talked about why those products are Holy Grails of Beauty, I've gone for some of my other favourites, namely…

Jen and I both love Lancome mascaras, but while she goes for Hypnose, for me it's L'Extreme Waterproof every time. Regular readers will have heard me rave about this mascara enough by now, but just in case you've missed it, I love it because it's super-lengthening and the waterproof formula locks in the curl on my lashes. Has to be waterproof, though: the regular version just isn't as good!


They say it suits every complexion, and looks like your own natural blush. Well, I can't speak for anyone else's complexion, obviously, but this definitely works for mine, and is worth every penny I spend on it…

Smashbow photo finish

I've always believed a good primer is the key to perfect foundation, and this is the best primer I've ever used. Again, it's expensive, but it feels like you're rubbing silk on your face, and who wouldn't want that?

Miss groovy lip poison

I've tried a LOT of lip-plumping products, and this is the ONLY one that works for me. It makes my lips noticeably bigger, and I also like the color it turns them, too (it's clear, but your lips will go redder/pinker due to the "tingling" this causes), which means I can use it on its own. I also like the fact that it's not too shiny or sticky.


A touch of this under the brows will define the arch and somehow make them look sleeker and more polished. A dab on the cupid's bow of the lips makes them look fuller. A touch of High Brow on the inner corners of the eyes makes them look wider and brighter. Hell, I've even used it to help conceal spots and redness. Love it.

  1. Thanks, Jen – I live in fear of them discontinuing it: I must have spent a small fortune on lip plumpers over the year and this is the only one that doesn’t just look like clear gloss!

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