I hate Fridays. Hate them. I know all the cool kids hate Mondays, but I reserve my ire for Friday, which is The Day From Hell for me, because, for reasons too complicated and boring to go into here, that’s the day I have to do more work than I do in the rest of the week put together. (Not for much longer, though, of which more later. </cryptic> )

Every Friday, then, I work until my arms ache and my fingers are almost numb.  I’m not generally finished until late at night, and when I finally fall into bed, exhausted, it is the happiest moment of my week, purely because it’s the moment at which I’m furthest away from next Friday.

This Friday was an especially bad ‘un, which meant the Surprise Red was particularly welcome:


A bottle of Amarone, aka “Surprise Red”.

No, I didn’t drink it all.  I did very much enjoy what I did have, though:


Oh, and I think someone else enjoyed it, too:


TED! I don’t know. His behaviour’s been really erratic lately. I think he may be having a mid life crisis or something…

  1. We need to create a new acronym for you called TBIF to replace the TGIF one. Also, you

    should take those Sparkle Surprise tags to a printer to have a whole supply made up! I'll

    have to introduce my hubby to that concept. Cute pic of the dog



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    1. Amarone is one of the best reds in the world, the crafting of it is very involved and includes a certain type of mould and lots of frost to wither the grapes to shrivelled hairy dangly things. This seemingly random and bad treatment of the grapes, concentrates the juice and the sugar content, enabling the alcohol content to reach the magic, theoretical maximum (without fortification) of 16%ish. Some of the best Amarone is in the £100s of a bottle, but even an average £20 bottle is a surprising little treat. Well discovered, shame you two were not a little closer, you wouldn’t get very much work done, unless you started a wine blog!

  2. My lovely fiancee got me a bottle of Amarone recently and I enjoyed it mightily well. Hope you can finish yours tonight!

  3. I laughed out loud at Rubin's expression there. He has so much character! I hope your work sitch gets better soon.

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  4. I would have had the whole bottle.

    I hate Fridays in only the fact that I am so unproductive at work usually that it makes Mondays even WORSE!

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  5. Hello! Well, I'm gutted. Friday has always been my most favourite day of the week, ever! Especially if the sun shines.

    P.S. Is it rude to ask what is that on Rubin's right eye?

    He looks like he still has wine around his mouth too. Bless!

    1. It's a bit of hair in front of his eye, Bichons have naturally dark/pink hair around their eyes and mouths. Show dogs tend to have them bleached… 🙁

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