It was my birthday on Tuesday. I didn’t mention it at the time because, well, I hate birthdays.  And because I was sulking and feeling hard-done-by on account of the fact that, wah, I just got older!

But it was my birthday, and in the evening, Terry took me here:


(It’s a vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh. We’re not vegetarians, but God, the food is delicious…)

I wore this:


And over dinner, Terry gave me these:


They are “surprises” and there are 12 of them, which I can redeem anytime I want (although some of them require a certain amount of notice, or can only be redeemed on weekends, etc.) They have names like “Sparkle Surprise” and “Surprise Red”, and there’s even a “Rubin’s Surprise, which makes me a little bit nervous, because most of the “surprises” Rubin’s been leaving me lately could be described using the words “pee” and “radiator”.

(The names are cryptic, apparently.  I don’t think the “Calcium Surprise” is a carton of milk, for instance, but you never know…)

With this one act, Terry has earned Brownie points that will last at least until the vouchers run out. And birthdays = not so bad, really.

(Oh, and I also got this gorgeous handmade bookmark from Nina:


Isn’t that the prettiest thing? And the book’s not bad either, by the way. Ahem.)

  1. That must be the cutest birthday gift I've ever heard of! Kudos to Terry for thinking up that idea, now if only my husband would take a few pointers from him that would be great. I can't wait to see what Rubin's Surprise will be. Let's hope it doesn't involve more pee!! xx Becky

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  2. Happy belated birthday! I let mine go under the radar as well. I won't even tell friends and just slip out for dinner with family. Terry is so creative, I'm dying to know what a calcium surprise is!

    <abbr>Amanda Nicole´s last blog I lay</abbr>

  3. Aw, what a good boyfriend. I think from this post he has also got brownie points from all readers!

    Guess what? For my Birthday, I went to the zoo – I have discovered that using your brithday just as an excuse to have fun means they aren't so horrid!

    <abbr>Lauren´s last blog post..I’m just going Kinnearing</abbr>

  4. What a great idea! I am definitely going to steal this idea. My husband is way better at gifts and surprises than I am, so I have to take inspiration where I can find it. Amber, I hope you will let us know about the specifics! Your blogs–and Rubin's–are two of my daily must-clicks.

    Happy birthday!

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