Surprise, surprise!

It was my birthday on Tuesday. I didn’t mention it at the time because, well, I hate birthdays.  And because I was sulking and feeling hard-done-by on account of the fact that, wah, I just got older!

But it was my birthday, and in the evening, Terry took me here:


(It’s a vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh. We’re not vegetarians, but God, the food is delicious…)

I wore this:


And over dinner, Terry gave me these:


They are “surprises” and there are 12 of them, which I can redeem anytime I want (although some of them require a certain amount of notice, or can only be redeemed on weekends, etc.) They have names like “Sparkle Surprise” and “Surprise Red”, and there’s even a “Rubin’s Surprise, which makes me a little bit nervous, because most of the “surprises” Rubin’s been leaving me lately could be described using the words “pee” and “radiator”.

(The names are cryptic, apparently.  I don’t think the “Calcium Surprise” is a carton of milk, for instance, but you never know…)

With this one act, Terry has earned Brownie points that will last at least until the vouchers run out. And birthdays = not so bad, really.

(Oh, and I also got this gorgeous handmade bookmark from Nina:


Isn’t that the prettiest thing? And the book’s not bad either, by the way. Ahem.)