It was my birthday on Tuesday. I didn’t mention it at the time because, well, I hate birthdays.  And because I was sulking and feeling hard-done-by on account of the fact that, wah, I just got older!

But it was my birthday, and in the evening, Terry took me here:


(It’s a vegetarian restaurant in Edinburgh. We’re not vegetarians, but God, the food is delicious…)

I wore this:


And over dinner, Terry gave me these:


They are “surprises” and there are 12 of them, which I can redeem anytime I want (although some of them require a certain amount of notice, or can only be redeemed on weekends, etc.) They have names like “Sparkle Surprise” and “Surprise Red”, and there’s even a “Rubin’s Surprise, which makes me a little bit nervous, because most of the “surprises” Rubin’s been leaving me lately could be described using the words “pee” and “radiator”.

(The names are cryptic, apparently.  I don’t think the “Calcium Surprise” is a carton of milk, for instance, but you never know…)

With this one act, Terry has earned Brownie points that will last at least until the vouchers run out. And birthdays = not so bad, really.

(Oh, and I also got this gorgeous handmade bookmark from Nina:


Isn’t that the prettiest thing? And the book’s not bad either, by the way. Ahem.)

  1. Happy Birthday! The restaurant and the dress = fantastic! The little surprises are great, can't wait to hear what they turn out to be!

    <abbr>Hilary´s last blog post..Writing on Command</abbr>

  2. That must be the cutest birthday gift I've ever heard of! Kudos to Terry for thinking up that idea, now if only my husband would take a few pointers from him that would be great. I can't wait to see what Rubin's Surprise will be. Let's hope it doesn't involve more pee!! xx Becky

    <abbr>Becky´s last blog post..Win x5 Pairs of Vitality Show Tickets!</abbr>

  3. You have the best husband ever! I hope you'll post and tell us what they all are. (That's 12 further posts mapped out for you, right there.)


    <abbr>Fi´s last blog post..Outfit: Smart Casual</abbr>

  4. Happy belated birthday! I let mine go under the radar as well. I won't even tell friends and just slip out for dinner with family. Terry is so creative, I'm dying to know what a calcium surprise is!

    <abbr>Amanda Nicole´s last blog I lay</abbr>

  5. Happy Birthday! You have to tell us what each surprise is! 😀

    Love your sites btw, all of them =))

    *hugs from Sweden*

    <abbr>Karin´s last blog post..Rösta på nästa månads lack!</abbr>

  6. Oh happy birthday! I look forward to reading what all the surprises are, as they are revealed.

    <abbr>Tracey´s last blog post..Mellow Yellow Monday</abbr>

  7. Aw, what a good boyfriend. I think from this post he has also got brownie points from all readers!

    Guess what? For my Birthday, I went to the zoo – I have discovered that using your brithday just as an excuse to have fun means they aren't so horrid!

    <abbr>Lauren´s last blog post..I’m just going Kinnearing</abbr>

  8. What a great idea! I am definitely going to steal this idea. My husband is way better at gifts and surprises than I am, so I have to take inspiration where I can find it. Amber, I hope you will let us know about the specifics! Your blogs–and Rubin's–are two of my daily must-clicks.

    Happy birthday!

  9. Aww, love. Not a bad husband you've got there, m'dear 🙂

    <abbr>Erin´s last blog post..Elizabeth Gilbert on the Creative Process</abbr>

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