After my fun walk through Bandit Country, Terry and I decided it would be better if, for my next trick walk, we went somewhere far, far away from the Banditos. Or far enough away that I’d find it harder to get into trouble, anyway.

So we went to South Queensferry:

Forth Rail Bridge
Forth Rail Bridge

Rubin was determined not to look at the camera here because he was too busy crying like a baby, so desperate was he to begin his walk.

He was crying like a baby in this one, too:

The Beach

That’s the Edinburgh skyline you can see in the background: the big hill is Arthur’s Seat, and you can see Edinburgh Castle to the right of it if you look closely enough. We didn’t, of course, because Rubin was too busy struggling to get out of my arms and down onto that beach. Once he did, though, he was totally in his element:



Well, sort of:


Incoming waves are scary, apparently…

We walked for about two and a half hours altogether (and Rubin was still tugging at his leash by the end of it), ending up at Dalmeny House:

Dalmeny House
Dalmeny House

You can totally imagine arriving here in a horse-drawn carriage, in the 19th century, can’t you? You, a poor governess with nothing to your name but the clothes you stand up in, the house rising before you, home to the dashing Earl of Blahblahblah, and his mad wife, who is locked in the attic…. (It’s actually the home of the Earl of Rosebery, and I don’t think he keeps his wife in the attic, but you know what I mean…)

Then we turned and came home, only it took us quite a long time because we’d walked so far. Still, it was worth it to be able to walk somewhere without being verbally abused for once, you know?  And I think Spring may well be my favourite season now. If we lived somewhere else I’d have said it was summer, but the weather’s always so awful here in summer that it never fails to be a bone-crushing disappointment. You wait all year for it, only to realise that it’s going to be all rain, all the time, and actually, the weather was nicer in Spring.  We DO sometimes get a sunny day or two in Spring, you see, and it’s that time of the year when the horrors of winter are over at last (oh please, oh please) but summer is yet to disappoint us, so the days stretch before you, all sunshiney and hopeful.  Love it.

So, a good day was had by all. And no one called me “ginger” even once – bonus!


  1. I'll call you 'ginger' if you like – with envy, because I think hair like yours is beautiful! When my mother pointed out that my father-in-law had a red tint to his hair in old photos I was delighted at the thought that one of my future children had a shot at getting red hair.

    So there. I'm reclaiming 'ginger' for you. 😉

    Also, lovely photos!

    <abbr>Alex´s last blog post..Twitter and weekend baking experiments. Oh, and book clubs.</abbr>

  2. It has just occurred to me that when we come over and we all go down to the sea… we will be Five!

    I miss Scotland terribly at the moment. Just the sight of Arthur's Seat in the distance makes me pine! (Yes, I know I'm all ungrateful for the Eternal Sunshine of The Land of Oz) Can't wait!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww – so adorable!

    I mean of course:

    Arrrrrrgh! What a terrifying wolf!

    Gorgeous pics, I'm so jealous – really makes me miss dog walking!

    <abbr>Caroline´s last blog post..Giving</abbr>

  4. Love the pic of Rubin and the wave. We took our Sealyham Fred (who would be roughly the same distance from the ground as Rubin) to the beach for the first time a few weeks ago. Here in West Auckland, New Zealand, the beaches are known for being absolutely stunning but quite ferocious. Anyway I was trotting along with Fred at my side on his lead (because he runs away and develops selective deafness if let off) happily looking out to sea, when a wave caught me by surprise, and I turned just in time to see that the lead ran from my hand into … water, under which was poor Fred! No harm was done, he's a good swimmer and the wave receded just as quickly as it had come, but he made quite sure that we stayed well away from the waves after that (possibly as much to do with the fact that I was laughing hysterically at him as from any fear he may have developed!).

    <abbr>Selina´s last blog post..What I've been doing</abbr>

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