On Sunday night Terry offered to run me a bath. Well, of course I agreed, but little did I know that Terry was about to spring the WAX SURPRISE – duh duh DUH!


Because I am stupid, it took me a few minutes (and, OK, then a few more…) to work out that the “wax” of the name came from the candles he had lit in the bathroom.ย  But really, who cares about candles when there’s a big ol’ gift-wrapped box sitting right in front of them?

Underneath the wrapping, Lush’s ‘You’re a Star’ gift box:


So-called because it contains products used by the “stars”, apparently. And now by me too, yipee!

Inside the bath, though, an even more exciting surprise awaited:


DUCKS!ย  Because, seriously, who doesn’t love ducks?

  1. I love the gift box, candles and ducks! Seriously, what a great gift! I would totally need some sort of assortment to try out first since- GASP! I have never used Lush products before. Very cool gift, indeed.

  2. I'm loving Terry! It would make me rethink my 'single forever' stance if there were more guys like him out there!

    1. Ah, I have already claimed the blue one (he is called Buck, as in Blue duck :), the rest are Amber's.

      I think Rubin is too busy eating a bottle right now to blog but I will mentioned it to him ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Lucky I can’t think of a colour beginning with F, or can I?

    Fuchsia, yes fuchsia that’s a kind of pinky colour!

    So what’s the pink one called?

    Please don't say Puck, takes the fun out of my research

  4. So the yellow one is yuck? Thats a bit mean! and how do you pronounce Ouck?

    Great presents, I am very jealous of the lushie bath:)

  5. Terry, would you consider publishing a book on giving presents to wives? As a leading expert in this field you could do a lot of good for us girls married to clueless husbands. Please consider it. Or at least the hubby classes.

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