Wax Surprise

On Sunday night Terry offered to run me a bath. Well, of course I agreed, but little did I know that Terry was about to spring the WAX SURPRISE – duh duh DUH!


Because I am stupid, it took me a few minutes (and, OK, then a few more…) to work out that the “wax” of the name came from the candles he had lit in the bathroom.  But really, who cares about candles when there’s a big ol’ gift-wrapped box sitting right in front of them?

Underneath the wrapping, Lush’s ‘You’re a Star’ gift box:


So-called because it contains products used by the “stars”, apparently. And now by me too, yipee!

Inside the bath, though, an even more exciting surprise awaited:


DUCKS!  Because, seriously, who doesn’t love ducks?


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