A Tale of Two Shoes (in one week)

Sometime last year, I was obsessively perusing the Topshop website when I stumbled upon a pair of shoes known as ‘Sereno’. I loved them, but I knew they would never be mine because, meh, money.

“Resist them, I will!” I cackled. “Buy them I shall not!” Because, yes, when I talk to myself out loud, I totally do it in the style of Yoda. Doesn’t everyone?

So I didn’t buy the shoes, and almost instantly they sold out, thus confirming that I had been right to conjecture that they would never be mine.

Then we went to Loch Lomond. And as Terry and I rounded the corner of the visitor centre there, we saw a girl sitting outside wearing what I instantly recognised as THE SHOES. So ridiculously high of heel and huge of platform were these shoes that even Terry commented on them. It was then I knew I’d made a mistake with the whole “not buying” thing.  Until then, you see, I hadn’t actually seen the shoes in the flesh, so to speak. They were but images on my computer screen, and those images did not do them justice. In real life, the Sereno platforms were surely the most ridiculous things I’d ever seen, and let me tell you, I am ALL ABOUT the ridiculous shoes.

So I waited until the girl got up and then I ran over, wrenched them off her feet and made off with them, laughing a manic laugh as I went.

No, I’m just kidding. But this sighting of THE SHOES in their natural habitat did bring them to the forefront of my mind, so the next day I had a little look for them on eBay. Just in case. And lo! There they were!

And lo! Two days later, and thanks to a generous contribution of funds from my husband, here they are!


Which just goes to show, kids, if you just wish hard enough, nag your husband for long enough, and are willing to dedicate hours of your time to searching eBay for a pair of shoes that may or may not fit you, dreams can come true! (I didn’t even have to pay more than the original price for them, which is really unusual for me and eBay. AND they were brand new, still with the labels on and everything.)

Don’t you just love a happy ending? Ted certainly does:


He is SO having a mid-life crisis, isn’t he?