This is what I've been using to exfoliate my skin this month before applying my gradual self-tanner: and it's also the reason I suspect that aforementioned self-tanner didn't turn out to be the unmitigated disaster of previous attempts.

It's Lush's Aqua Mirablis underwater massage bar, and I must confess, the path to smooth skin using this wasn't an easy one because I, er, left it sitting on the bathroom window in the blazing sunlight and part of it melted clean away. Don't try that one at home, kids…

As for the bar itself, that you definitely should try at home if you get the chance. It costs £4.84, and is a concoction of ground almond shells held together with moisturising oil. I've been using it in the shower, but you can also use it in the bath, gently massaging your skin with it to remove the dead, flaky, nasty bits, and leave everything all soft and smooth. Well, works for me, anyway…

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