When I wear false eyelashes, I tend to go for the individual lashes, so when a set of Revlon's Fantasy Lengths landed on my desk, I was curious to see what they'd look like – and a little bit apprehensive about how easy they'd be to use: it's been a long time since I used this type of false eyelashes, and I know from experience that the application of these things tends to be a case of "practice makes perfect".

As I suspected, I messed it up a little the first time around, but I managed to get them on and you can see the results for yourself on this page.

I tried the glue-on version of these lashes: Revlon also make a self-adhesive version, and I think those would probably be easier to use because, for me at least, the trickiest part of applying these lashes is dipping them into the glue and then getting the placement right on your own lashes. To do it, I:

  • Applied the rest of my makeup first, including mascara. The mascara is a step those of you with naturally dark lashes might be able to get away with, but mine are naturally blonde, and they're overdue a touch-up with the eyelash dye, so I needed some mascara to make the falsies look less obvious.
  • Trimmed the false lashes to fit my eye. Again, this may not be necessary for everyone, but taking a little bit off the end can make them blend in more easily. In my case, I could've done with taking a little more off, but as I was doing this purely for the purposes of this review, and not for a special occasion or anything, I'll live with it.
  • Put some of the glue onto the plastic container and dipped the edge of the false eyelash into it. (The instructions advise you to use a cotton bud for this step, but it seemed less fiddly to me to do it this way. Once I was done, the excess glue wiped off easily with a tissue.)
  • Applied the false lash to my eyelid, pressing it as close to the lash-line as possible and holding it there for a few seconds. The glue looks white when you apply it, but dries clear. This is the step I messed up, but as I said above, practice makes perfect!
  • Applied some black eyeliner along my lash line to help disguise the edge of the false lash. The thicker the line, the less obvious the false lash will be.

Mistakes aside, I was pretty pleased with the finished results, and can see myself using these for a night out or special occasion. You'll find a list of stockists here… and some more images under the jump!



  1. Very nice effect, but my question is slightly off-topic… what blusher are you wearing in the picture? 🙂 it’s a very pretty, natural looking pink, as a blusher whore I might have to get it 😉 All the best!

  2. Thanks Amber – God, it seems like I really DO need to get it in the end… I’ve been kidding myself for about two years now all this hype around Nars Orgasm is probably not worth it… But now I can see it won’t disappoint me 🙂 On the Must Have list it goes!

  3. Oh, I was exactly the same: I was actually kinda hoping I WOUDLN’T like it, because it’s on the pricey side, but meh, definitely woth it – one of my better purchases!

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