After all of the complaining that went down in the comments section of my post about Terry’s results, I figured it was time to lighten the atmosphere a little with one of our regularly scheduled “surprise” posts. Sadly, there are only a couple of these left to go, but one day last week (or was it the week before? Seriously, they’ve all started to blend into one another…) I happened to look out of the office window to see this:


Yes, Terry had “engraved” our lawn. It was very cunning of him, and it has actually made us wonder if it would be possible to kill ALL the grass in our garden in this way? I mean, we’ve killed almost everything else in the garden (yes, that is a dead plant you can see in the pot behind the “engraving”), why not the grass? You think I’m joking, but that just means you haven’t read all of my entries about how much I hate and detest gardening yet. The other option is to simply do nothing and allow the garden to return to the wild. I’m considering that one, too.


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